X-Way specs

13 November 2019

An all-in-one solution for moving air cargo.

The handling of ULD (Unit Load Device) containers is a key logistical task in the air cargo sector.

From truck unloading and storage to the loading of the goods into the aircraft, various transport vehicles are used including Transfer Vehicles (TV), Elevating Transfer Vehicles (ETV), stackers, dolly docks, truck docks and pallet movers. Hubtex and Dimos produce the only vehicle in the world that combines all the functions required for handling and transporting ULDs. The X-Way Mover, which was developed in accordance with IATA standards, already boasts four of the ten largest air cargo companies in the world among its customers. The versatile vehicle with a low-emission electric drive has now been even further optimised and launched in two new variants (7t and 14t).

When the freight truck arrives, the X-Way Mover unloads the ULDs. At peak times two or more X-Way Movers can work as a team, using a vehicle as a truck dock. The X-Way Mover drives directly to the workstation or racking system and transfers the ULDs into the rack. The X-Way Mover is usually able to reach the third storage level (at a height of 7.2m).

When retrieving the ULDs from the workstation or racking system, the X-Way Mover picks up the ULDs and drives them directly onto the runway or loads a dolly train depending on the location of the aircraft.