‘X-ray’ specs

03 May 2021

THE IT consultancy firm All for One Group has joined forces with pick-by-vision specialist Picavi to support customers in the digitalisation of logistics, warehousing and supply chain management.

For the partners, this represents a strategic collaboration. In the partnership’s first project, Picavi’s pick-by-vision solution will be combined with SAP to modernise logistics at the university hospital in Freiburg. 

The All for One Group is an IT consultancy firm employing over 1,800 people. It is one of the leading SAP partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Picavi’s system uses smart glasses to enable consistent visual guidance in intralogistics. This innovative technology improves ergonomics for users, minimises errors and boosts productivity in warehouses.

At the Freiburg hospital, Picavi is set to modernise picking in the warehouse with pick-by-vision. The Picavi smart glasses will be connected to the hospital’s SAP system via ITSmobile. 

“Combined with our standardised ITSmobile-supported SAP integration, the Picavi smart glasses will be the perfect tool for modern logistics,” explains Detlef Helms, senior delivery executive supply chain execution at All for One. “The smart glasses will let us optimise manual supply chain processes, while increasing productivity and cutting down on errors in a way that was not possible before.”

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