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Yale releases light duty tilting reach truck

11 January 2019

Following the launch of the award-winning MR14-25 Series reach truck, Yale Europe Materials Handling has extended the range with three tilting mast models: the MR10E, MR12E, and MR14E.

Benefitting from a tilting mast feature, the new range of reach trucks is particularly well-suited to light-duty and low-height applications as well as those where space is at a premium.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand our respected reach truck range with the introduction of three new tilting mast models,” said Monica Radavelli, warehouse product manager at Yale. “Taking forward the key elements of productivity, ergonomics, low cost of ownership, reliability and serviceability that already define our reach trucks, we are able to offer our customers a further solution to their materials handling needs.”

Affordable light-duty truck  

Ideally suited for smaller fleet users, the tilting mast reach truck is a cost-effective solution for customers operating in minimum aisle widths, with the narrow chassis facilitating in-aisle passing of two machines. Although not restricted to retail stores, the new range of trucks is well-placed to function in back-of-store or smaller retail outlets where the loads are lighter and handling is intermittent.

While sharing many features with the existing Yale MR Series, it is the front of the tilting mast truck that gives the new models their most apparent differentiator. The 3-Stage Full Free Lift mast uses C+J+J channel profiles with different dimensions and stiffness to give the best stiffness-to-weight ratio, and as a result provides a rigid mast.

The tilting mast helps manoeuvring in tight confines and creates more room during operation with oncoming traffic. User visibility is also optimised with the tilting mast making it easier for the operator to see the load, reducing the risk of damage when placing or removing items from racking.

Operator visibility and protection are also taken into further consideration with the overhead guards. The MR14E truck features a slightly curved upright while the MR10E and MR12E models have straight pillars; both options providing robustness. The bars on top of the overhead guard are angled such that the visibility at greater stacking heights is not obstructed.

The new tilting mast reach truck fully incorporates the Yale focus on ergonomics and operator comfort with many features of the established MR14-25 range present.

One of the key similarities lies in the chassis and operator compartment. The MR10E and MR12E operator compartments and chassis are based on the MR16 ‘narrow chassis’ while the MR14E is based on the MR14. This means the operator receives the same high level of ergonomics as the proven reach truck range, with the added benefit of helping to improve the productivity of the operator.

Hydraulic controls and adjustable arm rest for full operator support, extensive floor space and pedal clearances for easier on and off access, and optional joystick for easy intuitive operation have all been carried over from the existing MR Series. A Grammer full suspension seat enhances operator comfort and there’s always the option of fitting an MSG65 seat with a higher back rest, headrest, and heating.

“For customers where aisle width and height are limited, the tilting mast reach truck is a new, cost-effective solution built upon proven Yale philosophies and technologies,” said Monica. “We set out to expand upon our reach truck range by designing a truck that would fit specific application requirements, with high performance and low operating costs.”