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Quality on demand with Yale's short-term rental

13 September 2021

AS MOST businesses experience peaks in activity or events that demand extra equipment for a small period, short-term rental options allow you to source the right forklift with minimal notice.

Whether you need to cover a seasonal peak, prepare for an upcoming event, or need to deal with a significant rise in workload, it is important to make it as easy as possible for your workforce and machinery management.

Thanks to Yale working in close conjunction with local dealers, the scheme provides responsive, dependable trucks that are straightforward and easy to operate.

Short-term rental solutions are on hand around the clock to work with your business as a reliable tool. Yale can provide you with the possibility to seek out the right forklift truck, warehouse handling equipment or fleet to suit your needs.

Thanks to the flexibility of short-term rental, Yale delivers solutions tailored to suit everyone. From the movement of supplies and materials through to the loading and unloading of vehicles, Yale trucks are here to perform exceptionally.

With an expansive dealer network across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Yale can assure you that the correct trucks are delivered safely and on time for any task at hand. By fulfilling the requirement to supply a range of trucks over limited periods of time, Yale’s short-term rental programme is an economical option, ideally suited to cope with rapid, high intensity, peak workloads with tight deadlines at little notice.

Discover all the benefits of short-term rental and find your nearest Yale dealer to discuss your options.