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ZoneControl to assist safety

06 March 2019

Jungheinrich has introduced the ZoneControl and AddedView assistance systems to increase safety in the warehouse and improve the efficient operation of warehouse processes.

ZoneControl consists of a stationary radio beacon and a mobile component on the truck including a display and a module for operators. As well as providing warnings of trucks and people in congested areas, it is also possible to regulate traffic junctions so that when truck volumes are high in this area, the maximum speed is reduced to crawl speed.

AddedView is a digital camera all-round vision system for counterbalanced trucks. The use of digital cameras allows the image streams of the four individual cameras to convert into a common image in real time and in such a way that the driver can see his truck from a bird's eye view (bird view). In particular, the fork tips and the tail weight are precisely inserted into the seamless image.

Telematics box in every truck

Starting in 2019, each Jungheinrich truck comes fitted with an integrated telematics box. Jungheinrich customers are given a comprehensive overview of their trucks and their usage. Existing trucks can be retrofitted. 

In cooperation with I.D. Systems, Jungheinrich is releasing a new, comprehensive fleet management this year. This cooperation combines Jungheinrich’s expertise in intralogistics with a tried and tested, comprehensive, and manufacturer-independent fleet management system. 

The system will be available alongside Jungheinrich’s existing ISM Online solution.