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Workforce Connect

23 May 2019

Why have 2 systems to do 1 job, if you’re in a busy warehouse environment communication is imperative to maximise employees' time?

Bar Code Data can deliver Zebra’s workforce connect, a solution that utilises existing hardware for scanning as a two way communication terminal.

Workforce Connect adds powerful voice and messaging features to Zebra mobile devices, allowing you to provide all the capabilities your workers need to maximise productivity and minimise cycle times, all on one device. Processes are simplified since users can now perform all tasks on a single unified device. Voice and data workflows are integrated, reducing the number of steps required to complete a task and allowing you to achieve operational excellence. This modular and customisable solution allows you to deploy the features you need today and easily add features to meet new business needs.

Some Features:

PTT Express (push to talk)
This function enables instant PTT group calling between Zebra mobile computers, two-way radios and moreover your existing Wi-Fi network.

Voice Turns Zebra mobile computers into fully-featured mobile PBX desk-phones with advanced functionality and a customisable experience.

Enterprise Messaging
The easy way to empower your workers with instant Push-to-Talk (PTT) over Wi-Fi or Cellular networks, using mobile devices.

Delivery drivers out in the field, associates on the retail floor, workers in the warehouse, housekeeping, and events management staff in a hotel and nurses and lab technicians in a hospital all have one thing in common — they work in teams throughout the work day, and they often have questions that require an immediate answer from another team member in order to remain productive and deliver the best service.

Easy to deploy
With the Workforce Connect Voice, you get comprehensive functionality and simple deployment. Support for leading PBXs and most of the wired desk-phone features and functions that your business uses today deliver a fit-for-purpose voice experience, without compromise. 

Get more out of your mobile computer scanners.
The Workforce Connect Voice compatible Zebra mobile computers you already own can double as PBX-enabled handsets, increasing value and the return on investment. Digital Mobile Two-Way Radio when you interconnect every worker, you streamline and automate your processes, better manage risk and respond to customers quickly.
Our multi-purpose two-way radios, accessories that allow for hands-free operations and ease of movement and industry-leading applications ensure teams can communicate clearly and reliably, from the production line to warehouse and through to the loading dock.

Our business critical communication solutions ensure you can run warehouse operations safely and seamlessly while meeting the most demanding deadlines.

For Further information on the solution and how to deploy the system contact our technical sales team E: Sales@bcdata.co.uk T: 0161 330 0077