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Can you afford not to consider automation?

14 September 2018

With Brexit looming, a recent study has found that whatever deal is struck with the EU, costs will rise and profitability will fall.

The warehouse and logistics sector often rely on affordable labour from the EU, so the increase in red tape and new border regulations could prove costly. 
This, along with the introduction of the national living wage and the auto-enrolment into employer pension schemes under the NEST initiative, has raised concerns for some businesses that there will be an impact on their ability to trade profitably. 

Given that many manual warehouses have a large employee base, particularly with the huge increase in order picking required by the rise of eCommerce, employment costs are going to significantly increase over the next few years. 

In light of what to many is likely to be a surprisingly large increase in the employee cost base, the case for automation within the warehouse may have a more rapid and consequently more attractive return on investment. 

When considering the introduction of any level of mechanisation or indeed automation of warehouse processes it is important that the solution proposed integrates holistically with the whole of the operation. It might be enough to just add a bagging machine to the despatch process to cut down on manpower requirements, but in all likelihood significantly greater savings can be made if the entire operation is reviewed. Bearing in mind the budget available, an experienced solutions integrator should be able to propose a solution which meets the needs of a business both now and in the future. 

Logistex is an independent automated solutions integrator with no manufacturing ties, meaning that it is able to design mechanised and automated solutions which use the most appropriate equipment available in the market, not just those manufactured in house. Services cover warehouse/materials handling design and implementation, warehouse management software and control systems, equipment refurbishment and maintenance, facilities management and 24/7 hotline support and spares. 

Logistex’s LWS Reflex Warehouse Management Software is a flexible, scalable solution for all warehouse operations from simple manual through to complex automation. Unlike many other systems LWS Reflex is not licensed per user but licensed by site with unlimited users, so there’s no penalty for growth. The ideal solution for the eCommerce business, LWS Reflex means never having to buy another WMS, ever.  

Combining the freedom to source the most suitable equipment from the market with its own in-house software expertise, Logistex blends the various components into a holistic, integrated system. The solution Logistex designed and installed for the Superdrug eCommerce warehouse resulted in a 48% increase in throughput in the first year, achieved using 60% less operational cost. One of Logistex’s most recent partnerships to benefit customers enables Logistex to promote, sell, install and maintain a range of Savoye products including the Intelis® PTS goods to person shuttles. These compact and scalable systems can reduce the picking area significantly, saving space and costs.

In  addition  to  full  maintenance  and  service  facilities  –  including  site-based  teams  where  required  –Logistex  are  carrying  out  more  and  more  major  refurbishment  projects  on  existing  systems.  In  these  challenging  times,  clients  appreciate  that  they  can  considerably  extend  operational  life  –  with  improved  performance  and  reliability  of  their  equipment  –  at  a  fraction  of  the  cost  of  new  and  without  disruption  to  their  operations.  The  excellent  quality  of  customer  service  doesn’t  end  when  the  project  is  complete,  as  Logistex  builds  a  lasting  relationship  with  their  clients.  Based  from  the  Kettering  head  office,  Logistex  has  dedicated  hotline  support  for  Systems  and  Control  issues,  manned  by  skilled  engineers  with  a  wealth  of  industry  experience.  Logistex  is  proud  to  have  the  largest  UK  Service  Support  team  in  the  warehouse  automation  industry. 

Independently owned, Logistex’s clients can rest assured that it is totally committed to meeting or exceeding its clients’ expectations, free from the pressures that investors or shareholders might place on it. 



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Britvic automates Leeds warehouse

Logistex has designed and installed an automated warehouse system for leading soft drinks supplier, Britvic. With the introduction of new production lines at their site in Leeds, Britvic had identified an increase in fork lift truck movements and the need for a significant uplift in capacity and throughput. To meet the demands of the new production equipment, reduce manual movement of stock and maintain a safe operation, the decision was taken to automate the pallet warehouse on site. 

Logistex worked closely with Britvic to design a new solution which sees the previously manual fork truck operated system converted to a fully automated pallet shuttle solution. The Automha pallet shuttle, integrated into the solution by Logistex, uses capacitors rather than batteries for power so there is no need for prolonged charging periods. Also, because the shuttles are lighter than an automated storage and retrieval system, they use less power per move. 

The system is controlled by Logistex’s own warehouse control software, LWS Reflex, which manages the pallet inventory into and out of the automated store.  

The new system will optimise use of space, increase throughput, reduce truck movements and consequently improve health and safety. 
Logistex’s Business Development Director Derek Kay said “Britvic have demonstrated their forward thinking and commitment to Health and Safety by adopting the automated pallet shuttle solution and we look forward to continuing to work together for many years in the future.”