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Software-driven automation

10 May 2022

CIMCORP WILL showcase its automated order fulfillment solutions at LogiMAT in Germany.

The global company will demonstrate its holistic solutions to ramp up the intralogistics of major players in the food retail industry. Cimcorp meets customer supply chain challenges by integrating its advanced robotic technologies and software with leading-edge material handling systems.

Cimcorp solutions are designed to speed up warehouse operations, which is vital for perishable food items in order to maximise their freshness.

Cimcorp’s VP sales Kai Tuomisaari, says: “Freshness is synonymous with quality in grocery retail. With limited sales windows for fresh food, faster order processing means that freshness is maximised at the retail store, giving a longer shelf life for perishable products.”

With fresh food, especially perishables, time is essential. The faster products can be delivered to stores, the longer they will be on sale – resulting in more profit.

Automated systems fulfill orders in stages so new products can arrive and be picked immediately to guarantee freshness. Cimcorp’s solutions are designed to meet the modern demands of distribution, including shorter lead times, SKU proliferation and challenging seasonal peaks amid labor shortages. The company has developed unique order fulfillment and storage solutions for the tire, food and beverage, retail, e-commerce, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) and postal services industries. Hall 1B81 / Hall 1 Gallery 1OG90

For more information, visit cimcorp.com