Clear benefits

04 March 2021

A modern approach to flooring can boost safety and efficiency. Just ask Ocado, says ASG Services sales director Chris Hopkirk.

The layout of any modern warehouse will play a major factor in its operational efficiency – both in terms of the volume of goods processed and the safety of those working within the facility, 

The clear demarcation of storage areas, pedestrian walkways and material handling equipment routes will help towards this efficiency, and the best way of ensuring this is by installing the correct line marking.

Based in Warrington, ASG Services has been supplying physical barriers, line marking and safety signs to warehouse operators as part of its core services for years. These have helped to ensure the safe segregation of people and machinery within many warehouse operations. 

We are a market leader in internal line and floor marking for all kinds of warehouses, with a range of solutions to suit all budgets and needs. A properly prepared warehouse floor will enhance the safety and efficiency of the facility, so it is important that businesses select the right solution for them. 

We work in collaboration with our customers and by getting them to understand what the operations within their warehouse are likely to be, we can help them identify the right line marking solution for their needs. Once we have understood the volume, weight and various activities performed by their MHE, so we can best advise them on the most appropriate preparation and resin to use.

One of our specialisms is Shot Blasting, which is a durable and versatile method of floor marking favoured by many customers for speed of installation and lifespan.

Specified for facilities with busy FLT movements, shot blasting can be installed on most floors, making it suitable for old and new warehouses or distribution centres which need cost-effective floor marking, but where long-lasting durability is not essential.

Shot Blasting is the method of hitting the concrete floor with ‘shot’, a small piece of metal which strips the surface to leave virgin concrete. The ‘Shot’ is effective to various depths, depending on the machine used and severity of the impact. 

Not all shot blasting is the same, as the size of the blaster and speed the preparation is completed all play a part in how much concrete is removed and how much resin will be needed to be applied to the concrete surface. 

The same factors influence the use of epoxy resins. The chemical formulation and the resin and the speed it dries, or cures will all influence the durability of the finished work. 

To help customers identify which is the best solution for their needs, we have developed a simple line marking selector tool which can help start a conversation on "anticipated life span".

Once customers have completed the selector, they can call us to discuss how to implement the right solution.

We worked with online grocery company, Ocado to help prepare its 563,000 sq ft Customer Fulfilment Centre in Erith, South East London for operations.

Having provided durable internal line marking for its CFC3 site near Andover, ASG was entrusted to provide around 3.5 km of diamond shaved line marking at Erith. Diamond shaved line marking is the most durable and accurate form of line marking available in the UK.

It involves using specialised equipment to ‘shave’ an area of the concrete floor surface to a depth of 1-4mm. This removes any seal or powerfloat coating and reveals virgin concrete and a rough surface which helps the paint system to key more firmly.

The line edge created during this method provides an accurate and clean finish, significantly increasing its ability to withstand constant overrunning by material handling equipment and guaranteeing its performance even at temperatures of -20°C, which applied to Ocado’s freezer section. Once painted, the surface is then coated with a fast-curing resin, enabling rapid handover of the site.

Ocado Erith DC project engineer Avin Pertab said: “ASG was able to amend the programme to work around the operation. They were dynamic and reacted if they were not able to gain access to a certain area and needed to change the plans at the last moment. It was very well organised.”

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