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Reader for challenging barcodes

28 September 2020

Cognex has launched the DataMan 8700 Series of handheld barcode readers. 

The reader is built on a redesigned platform, with no tuning or operator training required.

Cognex SVP and business unit manager of identification products Carl Gerst says: “Cognex specialises in reading the most difficult barcodes at the highest speed and accuracy. With the 8700 series, we’ve developed the world’s fastest line of industrial handheld readers, offering unprecedented response times and durability right out of the box.”

Featuring advanced image formation and quick processing, the 8700 Series can instantly read challenging direct part mark (DPM) and label-based codes, even when vital elements of the code are missing or damaged, the firm says. Designed with oil-resistant and waterproof plastics, the readers are built to last in the harshest manufacturing environments.

The new readers include built-in OLED display screens and supports a broad range of industrial protocols and wireless communication options.

DataMan 360

A brewery has deployed Cognex DataMan 360 Series barcode readers to read barcodes even under difficult conditions.

When the forklift drivers load trucks at the Flensburger brewery with filled kegs or beer crates, a Cognex barcode reader mounted on the forklift mast recognises the pallet label and scans the barcode. This not only saves time, but enhances safety in congested forklift and truck traffic, and has proven its worth since the technology was installed. 

The readers can read in poor ambient light as they are equipped with high-performance lighting accessories. The DataMan 360 Series is built for robust industrial barcode reading applications as they have no moving parts. The splash guard protects the readers from everyday damage. Creased, torn or reflective codes can be read with the image processing-based decoding algorithms.

For more information, visit www.cognex.com