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Yale robotics: delivering financial and operational sense

23 April 2019

For many logistics applications, the introduction of robotics offers a worthy return on investment.

Increased uptime productivity

With increasing pressure to get more done in less time with fewer resources, automation is a reliable solution to minimise the risk of downtime and unexpected delays. A robotic truck works relentlessly 24/7, only stopping for battery charging.

Reduced turnover and training time

Adopting automated transportation solutions like robotic trucks can help simplify tasks reserved for employees. Implementing robotic materials handling equipment does not take away high-value added jobs from human workers. Using automated solutions can help managers address workforce shortage and free employees to advance to more engaging, meaningful positions – helping curb turnover. 

Efficient route planning and adjustment

Early materials handling AGVs relied on ground wires, tape, magnets and reflectors, but today’s robotic solutions operate without any added infrastructure and are unrestricted by fixed routes. This offers great strides forward in terms of flexibility, ease of use and productivity. For example, Yale robotic trucks equipped with Balyo geoguidance technology build a map of the facility and self-locate in real time, navigating infrastructure free and easily responding to unexpected obstructions.

If one robotic truck encounters a delay-causing obstruction, it can inform other units so they can find alternate routes. Efficient routes and coordination between robotic lift trucks also balances the flow of traffic, minimising congestion that causes unexpected delays and downstream issues like missed shipments.

Yale robotics range opens doors for customers

Based on existing manual equipment, Yale currently offers three robotic models:  the MO25 low level order picker, MO50-70T tow tractor, and MC10-15 counterbalance stacker. 

For more information on Yale robotics, visit www.yale.com