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Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs)

11 May 2021

Results you can’t bolt down — a flexible solution for warehouse transportation.

Times have changed. It’s no longer practical to have all operations designed around simply taking items from a Point A to Point B. That may be fine in cases where high volumes and dedicated paths require conveyor or monorail for the solution.

But if, for example, your operation needs to move materials from multiple Point As to multiple Point Bs. Or if the materials in your operation need to traverse open spaces shared with forklift trucks and people — you need something more flexible, something reliable and safe, something with more options.

Autonomous mobile robots (or AMRs) might just be that better option.

What Are Autonomous Mobile Robots?

AMRs are industrial robots that lift and transport materials such as pallets, navigating themselves by reading QR codes and sensing obstacles. They have been used in warehouses, distribution centers, and production facilities for about a decade, but they are now attracting more attention as experienced material handling companies have begun integrating them into their solutions.

Dematic AMRs operate with sophisticated software algorithms that determine the best routes and missions for each unit for the fleet to perform as a total system solution. They are similar to automated guided vehicles (AGVs), but with two big differences — AMRs move lighter loads more quickly and are more adaptable, especially in choosing routes and avoiding obstacles.

Some key benefits to expect from an AMR solution include:

Safe: Sensors and cameras that can detect obstacles and reroute accordingly

Flexible: Powerful controls and software that allow AMRs to make simple, quick adjustments during operation

Dependable: Robust design and complete service support from vendor

Easy to Install: From design to operation in a matter of a few weeks

Built for the Future: Quickly and easily add AMRs to increase throughput as your operation 

Visit this Dematic blog to learn more.