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Driverless transport system launched

06 August 2018

With the Karis Pro, Gebhardt European Conveyor Systems offers a market-ready driverless transport system that connects stations from warehouse to production.

Today’s logistics and material flow systems are predominantly rigid in layout, throughput, and the load carriers to be conveyed. Their conversion is very time-consuming and therefore cost-intensive and has so far mainly been carried out manually.

Karis Pro closes the gap between permanently installed conveyor systems for warehouse and production, and brings flexibility into the flow of goods that modern production requires in the times of Industry 4.0 where autonomous, flexible and variable assembly processes are an essential feature. This also requires a flexible flow of goods with a conveyor system that can quickly adapt to changing requirements.

The company says: “The AGV transports a large number of loads such as containers, boxes or load carriers with intelligent navigation. The compact, autonomous transport vehicle enables a flexible supplement to intralogistics without conversion phases and downtimes. Easy to install, reliable in operation and almost limitlessly scalable with high cost efficiency at the same time.”