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App allows remote optimisation of charging

25 July 2019

ECOBAT has developed a charger app that allows customers to connect their chargers to any mobile device – android or iPhone – and remotely undertake numerous actions to ensure the charging procedure is optimised to its full potential.

Derek Anderson, ECOBAT Industrial’s strategic director says: “Through the app, users can view the cycle history of their chargers, which provides an overview of each charge cycle and enables them to quickly and efficiently adjust the settings to improve the regime.

“It also allows them an at-a-glance view of how many errors or charge events have occurred over the lifetime of the chargers, in order to make the necessary alterations to maximise efficiencies. In fact, the app is so versatile, that users can even alter the charge cycle, as well as the voltage, when changing from wet to GEL batteries for example, in addition to the amperage."

The app also allows users to view safety guidelines, operational guides and trouble-shooting for common battery/charger issues.

The ECOBAT app complements the company’s Lead Crystal range, a high performing and resilient product that is able to be discharged deeper, cycled more often and recover to full rated capacity in the magic four-hour window, therefore delivering a prolonged service life and providing a genuine alternative to lithium-ion.

In the majority of monobloc battery scenarios, the Rapid Charge System (a Lead Crystal battery with a tailormade charger) will provide many companies with a considerably more efficient like-for-like replacement solution.

Alongside the Rapid Charge System, ECOBAT Industrial supplies a host of other power storage solutions, from traditional monobloc and 2-volt wet lead-acid cell traction batteries, to SPE and Fronius chargers.

ECOBAT Industrial has a team of service engineers and a 13-branch network in locations from Scotland and North Wales, down to Bristol and across to Essex, through which it is able to provide a truly national service.