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Electrical components supplier awards contract to Swisslog

30 August 2018

Swisslog Logistics Automation, leading provider of best-in-class warehouse automation and software, will implement CarryPick for Waytek.

Since 1970, Waytek has been supplying high quality electrical parts to manufacturers of wire harnesses and mobile equipment, including: trucks, trailers, ag equipment, construction equipment, emergency vehicles, boats and more.

Swisslog’s CarryPick solution is a mobile system for flexible, scalable order fulfillment. CarryPick’s mobile robots continuously supply workstations with mobile racks. This flexible new approach to automation supports different sizes and weights of products, provides the ability to add racks and robots quickly as storage volume increases, and enables equipment to be easily moved from one warehouse to another. The goods-to-person solution is orchestrated by Swisslog’s SynQ warehouse management software.

According to Waytek’s Mike Larson, co-owner and COO, “With our mission to provide an exceptional customer experience, it's our job to make sourcing electrical parts extremely easy, and we believe Swisslog’s CarryPick automated solution will make it even easier. At Waytek, we are specialists who work hard to meet our customer needs, or as we put it - Wired to Serve.”