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Finding the right financing option

03 August 2018

Customers often focus on the build quality and features of products, but Yale is encouraging you to look at the wider picture.

Materials handling equipment can be purchased with a number of repayment options, leased over a number of years or rented on a short-term basis from 90 days to 12 months.

The advantages and disadvantages of each option are complex and are often dependent on a range of factors such as the organisation’s policies, practices and the size of the operation. This is why Yale would recommend seeking professional advice. Information on the types of products, the working environment and quantity of vehicles ordered are taken into consideration when the financial services organisation prepares the quotation.

Tim Cady, Yale financial services director says: “At Yale, initial consultations are carried out by Yale dealers with the team at Yale Financial Services, in conjunction with our financial partners, providing professional support and assistance from the beginning to the end of the lease lifecycle. Yale is committed to the long-term support of its customers and with extensive lift truck expertise offers financing solutions for new and used trucks to suit budget requirements via a range of tailored plans.”

Most agreements range between two and seven years in length, with a five-year contract being the most frequently selected. Repayment schedules and types of contract are flexible, meaning that the dealer can work with their customers to devise the most appropriate product selection and payment schedule for their specific needs. The finance solutions offered may include customised rental profiles in support of a customer’s cash flow requirements, or inclusive rental and maintenance packages.

The financial services package and securing project financing through Yale Financial Services was one of the successful factors for Yale CZ in concluding a long-term contract with Skylog to supply materials handling equipment, rack equipment and other equipment within the warehouse operation. As Mr. Krejci from Skylog says: “One of the key factors in the final decision to conclude a contract with Yale CZ was the offer of financial services that respected our specific requirements. Effective and efficient negotiations with the representative of UniCredit, the partner of Yale Financial Services for the Czech Republic was of real benefit.”

Yale and its dealers remain on hand throughout the tenure of the agreement to provide repair and maintenance work for its products, meaning that customers can rest assured that they can receive professional and reliable servicing for the duration of their contract.