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Mentor launches flexible e-learning option for managers

09 January 2020

The Managing Forklift Operations online course is available from January 2020.

Mentor FLT Training has officially premiered its new Managing Forklift Operations e-learning course. Accredited by AITT, the online course provides a flexible way for managers to gain the necessary skills to meet their responsibilities for safe forklift operations.

“We have trialled the e-learning course with customers across a variety of industries and had a great response from taster sessions at IMHX 2019, so we’re excited for more companies to see the benefits in 2020,” said Stuart Taylor, managing director of Mentor FLT Training.

The Managing Forklift Operations e-learning course contains comprehensive content divided into five manageable modules:

  • The Importance of Good Management
  • How a Forklift Truck Works
  • Safe and Unsafe Driving
  • Safe Non-Driving
  • Managing Safely

Each module contains engaging content, interactive video and finishes with a summary and quiz to confirm the delegate’s understanding. 

Via the new online platform, training can be completed remotely, enabling managers and supervisors to fit training around their daily schedules and deadlines. 

The Managing Forklift Operations e-learning course is available now. For more information and a video preview, visit: https://mentorflttraining.co.uk/courses/managing-forklift-operations-elearning

“We’ve found that people in managerial roles often struggle to find time to arrange and attend an off-site course, away from their post for a full day.” explained Stuart Taylor. “But it’s vital that they can easily access suitable training - not just because it’s a legal requirement, but because it helps them to proactively reduce risk and costly damage, and boost productivity as a result. We wanted to make training for managers as accessible and convenient as possible, and by introducing an online solution, they can train at a pace, and place, that suits them.”

Stuart Taylor added: “Managers and supervisors are instrumental in ensuring that forklift operators and those who work alongside forklifts follow company policies and stay safe. They must be able to identify bad practice, rectify it and ensure bad habits don’t take root. To do so, they need access to the relevant training, and we believe that our Managing Forklift Operators e-learning course is the cost-efficient, forward-thinking format that businesses have been missing.”