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Free advanced IT for collaborative logistics

21 October 2019

SELIS (the Shared European Logistics Intelligent Information Space), a €17 million flagship European Commission-funded research project, has announced its open source cloud-based platform with built-in industry knowledge is now available to the transport and logistics community for further development and commercialisation.

Availability of the open source code coincides with the publication of the SELIS white paper, outlining future innovation roadmap and summarising key outcomes of the eight ‘Living Labs’ (real-life testing environments) spread across Europe that have showcased very positive environmental impact and measurable economic benefits.

The main innovation arising from the SELIS project is a directory of Logistics Collaboration Models (LCMs) and a directory of open source software components that will enable logistics companies to further develop and commercialise their own collaborative intelligence sharing platforms. Features such as Big Data Analytics ‘recipes’ and predictive algorithms can be quickly tailored to the needs of specific supply chains to boost synchromodality, visibility, logistics optimisation and environmental performance.

It is said to be the first time complex technologies such as Big Data Analytics are freely accessible to the Transport & Logistics community.

The SELIS open source components can be accessed here: https://github.com/selisproject