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Individual charging process

28 August 2018

Engineering firm Reishauer AG has installed a modern charging station from Fronius for its fleet of electric forklifts.

The Austrian technology leader supplied the Selectiva battery charging systems and undertook the planning and design of the associated infrastructure.

Twelve electrically-powered forklift trucks from Linde are responsible for internal logistics. They transport raw materials, semi-finished parts, assemblies and complete machines across the site in a quick and quiet fashion – all while producing zero emissions.

Reishauer has installed a central battery charging station in one of its halls in order to ensure that its nine reach trucks, two counterbalance trucks and a tractor are all supplied with energy.

The new Fronius devices are the current generation of the successful Selectiva product range. The Ri charging process is the most advanced available on the market. “It enables every charging process to follow an individual characteristic that, among other things, assesses the age, capacity and state of charge of the connected battery,” explains Reto Baumgartner, a battery charging systems sales advisor at Fronius. It is especially energy efficient and preserves the expensive batteries. “The automatic voltage detection facility featured in the devices provides a degree of flexibility that allows a variety of batteries to be charged.”