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Hubtex offers factory refurbished forklifts

07 September 2018

Buying a refurbished vehicle represents a good alternative to investing in expensive new forklift trucks, says the German manufacturer.

Hubtex has an extensive range of owned products that are available as general overhauls or fully refurbished in its service workshops in Milton Keynes, and at the factory in Fulda, Germany. As a result of the wide range of refurbishment possibilities at the manufacturer's workshops, users benefit from forklifts that are durable, highly productive and tailored to their new area of application.

Hubtex is a manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles and multidirectional sideloaders for heavy and bulky goods.

“You don't necessarily have to buy a new vehicle for every single application,” explains Juan Cantalejo, Hubtex UK sales director. “We advise our clients in this regard and always consider the individual conditions as well as the cost-effectiveness of later applications.”

Purchasing a used vehicle is particularly worthwhile when vehicles are required for medium-length deployment scenarios. Furthermore, an increasing number of companies are relying on refurbished multidirectional sideloaders from Hubtex as back-up vehicles. 

Overhaul work always follows a set process: After being assessed by Hubtex experts, the condition of the vehicle is documented in the inspection report and the necessary repair work is determined. A deployment-specific inspection of vehicle equipment is also part of the client consultation service.

“It is here that the modular design of our vehicles is particularly advantageous,” says Juan. “We can thus tailor each used vehicle to the individual requirements of the new area of deployment.”

Possible changes to the vehicle equipment include the use of lithium-ion batteries, the retrofitting of telescopic forks and the installation of control systems in numerous vehicles. Depending on the area of application, significant reductions in energy consumption can therefore be achieved. After this step, the vehicle undergoes refurbishment, and the original replacement parts required are installed. Hubtex examines the vehicles by conducting comprehensive function and operational tests, ensuring that the forklifts can be used economically and efficiently over the years to come.