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Double up grocery loads

10 May 2022

IFOLLOW AMRs use patentable technology to transport two roll cages at once, to a total load of 1,000kg, and they can also transport pallets, or trolleys.

Furthermore, the system allows a picker/operator to work with multiple AMRs simultaneously. So potentially, on a single pick walk an operator attended by two AMRs could be assembling the orders for four different stores or customers. In practice, improvements in overall operational productivity of between 28% and 42.5% are routinely reported, says the firm.

This AMR design approach addresses other issues. Commonly, a distribution centre works with a combination of pallets and roll cages, the ratios of which may change over time. A swift and simple swap of carrier frames readily converts the AMR from cage transporter (for all commonly used types of cage) to pallet or trolley use, and vice versa. Combined with the well-known advantages of AMRs in that, unlike AGVs or conveyors, they require no fixed infrastructure, this means there is no loss of flexibility in warehouse operations.

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