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Q-commerce: the implications of super-fast grocery delivery

25 November 2021

The Tomorrow’s Warehouse event will explore key issues for logistics professionals at a time of unprecedented change at the CBS Arena in Coventry on November 30.

David Noll, Manager, BearingPoint (stepping in for colleague Chris Moss) will present How do we keep up with customers’ demands for faster delivery? at the Event.

Lead times are becoming faster and faster with 6 new e-grocery operations in London alone promising 10 minute fulfilment going live in 2021. What impact will this have on the traditional UK logistics network and what will need to evolve to ensure that customers’ needs can be met without operating costs becoming unsustainable? Chris will deliver a talk on this trend and its far-reaching implications.

The Tomorrow’s Warehouse Event is designed to help attendees to go back to their operations with more than theoretical ideas, with more than an overview of what’s happening in the market. We want them to receive actionable insights that they can take back to their operations to implement. To that end we have put together an exciting seminar programme, as well as an exhibitor area packed with solution providers to partner with.

The event is split into four sessions, looking at the big picture in UK warehousing; warehouse automation; making the most of warehouse space; and the future of the forklift.

For more information and to register for the FREE TO ATTEND Tomorrow’s Warehouse Event go to - https://tomorrowswarehouse.live/