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Electronics firm installs palletising and picking solutions

08 September 2020

Solar power component manufacturer Power Electronics has trusted AR Racking to equip the new warehouse at its facilities in Spain.

AR Racking has installed an adjustable pallet racking system (AR PAL), a system that allows each pallet to be located quickly and provides direct and immediate access to the load. The system is designed to store pallets mechanically using forklifts. The surface area of the installation carried out by AR Racking in the warehouse exceeds 1,300 sq m and reaches a height of 10 metres. The AR PAL system installed can store a total of 2,625 pallets.

In addition, a Carton flow rack for manual picking has been installed, a system that allows high-density storage of boxes and light products, saving space and providing a better control of stock rotation. Three levels of wheel carrier tracks have been included in the lower part of the system to facilitate order preparation. The zone reaches 1,100 linear meters of volume storage for picking and has a capacity for 8,200 Euroboxes.

“One of the main advantages of AR Racking's systems is that they can be combined to achieve a solution that is perfectly suited to the customer's requirements. At the Power Electronics warehouse we have provided a system that fits the need for both pallet storage and the storage of smaller boxes thanks to the Carton flow rack, perfectly adapted for order preparation.” In addition, “The order preparation aisles are duly protected with approved electro-welded mesh, to contain possible falling loads,” explain Vicente Marín and Javier Miquel, project managers at AR Racking.  

“With 28 branches and points of sales in almost 40 countries, Power Electronics' service is based on immediacy, guaranteeing maximum efficiency and operability. We also find these features in the new warehouse: the systems installed enable us to control stock and locate products quickly and efficiently,” says Enrique García (Director of the Industrial Efficiency Department), and Salvador Climent (Head of Supply Chain Efficiency) at Power Electronics.

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com

Max space for food logistics

Dossin Entrepôts specialises in supply and logistics storage for key accounts in the food industry. It trusted in the experience of AR Racking, a company specialised in the design, manufacture, calculation and installation of industrial storage systems, to equip its new warehouse in Roye, Northern France. 

After a detailed study of the customer’s needs and situation, it opted for AR Racking’s AR PAL adjustable pallet racking systems. It is the most common pallet loading system which allows direct and immediate access to all unit loads.

In this project, Dossin Entrepôts’ new warehouse is divided into three cells of 12,000 sq m each. The adjustable pallet racking system was installed over a total surface area of 36,000 sq m, resulting in an industrial storage capacity of 66,000 pallets. This warehouse will ultimately increase its capacity to 110,000 positions for pallets.

Dossin Entrepôts now has an efficient logistics centre, whose storage solution adapts to any type of unit load. With an extendible surface area of an additional 24,000 sq m, the facility is now ready to meet new storage needs.