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IoT-ready intralogistics

03 July 2018

With the new Galileo IoT platform, Gebhardt-ECS offers operators of intralogistics systems the possibility of completely and consistently digitising and networking all system components from the mechanics, via the control system and the software, into the cloud.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the keys to implementing Industry 4.0 scenarios and in intralogistics, a wide variety of possibilities are opening up. The growing automation and interlocking in industry is also accompanied by the creation of ever more intelligent monitoring and control technologies. By networking data, the entire value creation networks can be controlled and optimised in almost real time. With the implementation of autonomous processes and devices in intralogistics, the entire development flows into the Smart Factory.

Dashboards provide information on the condition of a system at any time, impending downtimes and necessary maintenance work on individual system components are detected at an early stage. The virtualisation of systems serves as a digital twin, simplifying the planning, conversions or extensions as well as the operation of a system and also enables the use of augmented reality.