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3PL quickly deploys vehicle loading bay

23 January 2019

Fabric building specialist Rubb created a new hub for vehicle loading operations for Walkers Transport in just six weeks.

Having grown rapidly in recent years, Walkers Transport moves over 1.2 million pallets each year. Now further growth is being targeted, sparking the need for a Rubb building.

Since 2012, Walkers Transport has used a drive through warehouse system, and year-on-year they have seen the business grow. This increase in operations has starting to exceed efficiency, creating vehicle waiting times. Working together with Rubb, Walkers decided to construct a new clear span loading facility to increase workflow and efficiency. Colin Hunter, group transport compliance manager, found out about Rubb from another customer who used Rubb as their business growth solution. 

Within this tight time-scale, Rubb had to design, manufacture and construct a custom, open-ended loading facility. The structure needed to feature a clear internal area to maximise the use of space, something that “competitors could not offer”. The new building, measuring 59m wide x 16m long with an apex height of 14.2m, can accommodate all lorries and wagons. 

As well as having one large open gable end, seven door openings were created at the rear of the facility for personnel to use when signing in their loads. The framework of the buildings is constructed using hot dip galvanised steel. The galvanising process was performed after framework production to ensure maximum protection against corrosion. Lightweight PVC cladding was used to cover the facility.

Colin Hunter commented, “It was amazing how fast the facility was constructed. Rubb’s attention to detail was very impressive. Health and safety was all in place and correct well in advance, giving us great confidence. Throughout the build, the Rubbconstruction team couldn’t have been better; attending daily meetings with the Walkers team, making sure their build plans were the most efficient way for walkers to carry on business as normal, day by day. Every evening, the Rubb team moved concrete blokes to create a larger working area for the Walkers Transport personnel to load and unload during the night.”