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Distribution firm upgrades loading ramp using Swap-in plan

17 August 2018

Multiplastics (Europe) has renewed apparatus within its loading bay facility using Thorworld Industries’ ‘3-year ramp swap’.

The Northwich site has used a rented Thorworld Industries’ mobile ramp since 2013. Multiplastics’ ramp had successfully facilitated the use of forklift trucks in the loading and unloading of containers containing reels of film.

“Our existing loading ramp had performed its function superbly,” Paul Cotterill, production manager at Multiplastics explains, “however to ensure our operation remained fully efficient, we felt it was time to replace the apparatus with a newer installation.”

Thorworld Industries offers its rental customers the option to have hired mobile ramps replaced free-of-charge, should they decide to continue the rental arrangement after a three-year period for a further three years.

As part of the Swap In incentive, Thorworld manufactured a new mobile ramp, identical in design, and delivered at no additional cost, and in the shortest feasible timeframe, enabling Multiplastics to continue loading with as little disruption to operations as possible.

The new, replacement ramp, which comprises a mobile design, operable both indoors and out, is used in a fixed position, providing reliable service and operator efficiency.

Mark James, Thorworld’s director of administration, quality and safety, adds: “Our Swap In plan can prove to be an effective solution for many warehouse operations; often because warehouse managers want the safety advantages of using equipment that never becomes outmoded, can be easily serviced, or can be used temporarily without permanent fixings or the need for groundworks - should a warehouse premises be rented.

“Swapping In can for many firms, actually prove a cheaper method of accessing independently tested, compliant loading apparatus, than purchasing equipment as an owned entity. It’s an option that’s not always considered, but is certainly worth deliberating, as the advantages could be in your favour.”