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Move loose cargo into trailers at high speed

12 October 2021

CALJAN HAS augmented its Performer range of telescopic conveyor solutions with AutoLoader. Loading parcels and packages automatically 24/7, AutoLoader makes it easier to meet narrow windows and short delivery times.

To ease the challenges of the growing ecommerce sector, parcels and polybags are loaded around the clock into any vehicle or trailer, removing bottlenecks so shipments leave the warehouse on time. 

The AutoLoader moves from side to side as it fills the trailer, releasing the cargo with perfect precision to close vacant gaps. The wedge-shaped base gently pushes packages aside to utilise the entire space — resulting in a fill factor of 80%.

With minimal supervision, the AutoLoader cuts the cost of each package handled, including padded envelopes and slippery polybags, which, although space-friendly, can be a real headache in a loading process.

Items are placed with a release height of just 20cm, which reduces the risk of damage during the loading process. AutoLoader can detect items already loaded as it sweeps back and forth, moving automatically around the obstacle to avoid collision.

Product manager Jens Erik Langdahl explains: “The height detection system smoothly moves AutoLoader up and around obstacles, creating a free flow of cargo during loading. When the process nears completion, sensors change the angle of the conveyor to prevent parcels hitting the roof of the trailer.

“Rushing to meet strict deadlines can cause people to cut corners where they otherwise wouldn’t. Automating the loading process can significantly reduce the risk of injury to the workforce. The AutoLoader takes care of all the hard physical labour, allowing your associates to work where they add most value.”

An audio or visual signal, indicating when the equipment is in operation, can be fitted to the AutoLoader upon request. The conveyor can also be supplied with a safety light barrier that stops all conveyor movement when breached.

Caljan became part of Latour in December 2019. Contact Paul Byers on 01908 648900.

For more information, visit www.caljan.com