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Cleaning product manufacturer invests in mobile loading platforms

06 November 2018

Robert Scott, the largest manufacture of mops in Europe chose to further improve loading bay structures and capabilities across three of its six sites; each situated in the Northwest of England.

Three Thorworld Industries’ platforms have consequently been designed and manufactured to enable the unloading of goods at ground level, as opposed to dock level; a decision made to improve loading safety, as Robert Scott operations manager, Steven Frazer, explains: “At Robert Scott, operation teams across our multiple sites use mobile conveyors to aid the unloading of containers - a process which requires space to be made in the back of the vehicles before unloading can begin. 

“We felt the procedure had room for improvement, and that the introduction of mobile loading platforms could eliminate any potential safety problems caused due to the height of vehicles involved in the unloading process; while also providing a safe, platformed area for operatives to work from.

“Having employed the design and installation services of Thorworld Industries before, I knew the manufacturer would be ideally placed to take on the task of creating three mobile platforms for our different operational premises.”

A national company, Thorworld Industries is supported by regional agents, one of which is Loading Bay Service, to further personalise and improve customer service and speed equipment installation turnaround. 

Warren Craig, of Loading Bay Service, helped to fulfil Steven’s loading platform requirements; and initiated the design process to create stable working platforms that could be positioned at vehicle bed height. He’s been delighted with the project’s success, commenting: “Now fully installed and functioning, the new platforms are ideal solutions that are already improving working safety standards for operatives, while speeding up the unloading process.”

John Meale, MD at Thorworld Industries, further adds: “Nothing is more important than safety when it comes to the development of a loading bay operation. When safety is combined with effective design, loading processes can be notably streamlined, significantly improving efficiencies, and helping businesses achieve more.

“We have every confidence that these three new platforms will each achieve exactly that, reducing any risk associated with the initial container unloading process, while simultaneously proving to be valuable, consistently reliable pieces of equipment that enable safe working practise at this conscientious firm.”

Robert Scott, the largest manufacture of mops in Europe, and one of the UK’s most prominent designers, manufacturers, importers and stockists of professional janitorial products, has become the latest company to benefit from Thorworld Industries’ mobile loading platforms.