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Get on-premises IT operational fast

03 November 2021

Chris Wellfair explains a couple of data centre innovations that can help you get on-premises IT operational fast.

THE AMOUNT of technology our manufacturing and logistics operations rely on now is incredible, compared to even just five years ago. The increasing automation of operations and their need for wired and wireless connectivity alone has made a big difference.  IoT and RFID for example, are just two of the commonplace technologies that could make it necessary to have data centres positioned directly in the working environment.

New logistic warehouses are being built at a rapid pace and again IT needs to be one of the 1st elements of the infrastructure to be live and therefore this is where our ModCel container will come into favour as this can be built offsite while the warehouse is being built.

Traditional room build data centres still have their place, but containerised data centres and Micro data centres have some specific advantages for this sector.

Containerised DCs - Not just for the Amazon’s of the world

If you have heard of containerised data centres you probably associate them with huge data centre projects, such as those run by the public cloud vendors with tens of thousands of servers and the need for constant growth. In those instances, they are chosen for speed, cost effectiveness and ease of installation, but those benefits can be achieved on a much smaller scale too.

In a small date centre setting, containerised DCs can help resolve space, deployment time, build complexity and cost challenges, which are all common to distribution networks.

Additionally, they are very flexible, fire rated, available with LPS 1175 high security ratings, and depending on the internal configuration can be very energy efficient even in high density applications.  They are also stackable up to nine metres and can be extended if specified as a requirement at the design stage, which can perfect for an expanding distribution operation.  In an emergency, containerised solutions can also shine as part of a disaster recovery plan if already fitted out with the infrastructure, where they can be rapidly deployed to a site as a temporary solution.

Chris Wellfair, projects director, Secure I.T. Environments