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Last chance to prepare for Peak

22 October 2018

Even if you are well prepared for Black Friday mayhem, often a little tweak is required to make this critical period go smoothly. Whether it is extra manpower, some equipment to help load more efficiently, or to add some flexibility to operations, or indeed extra MHE, or handhelds to ensure the staff you’ve hired are fully productive, you can’t afford to mess around and miss targets at this time of year.

One possible quick response is rugged IT hardware firm Renovotec offering Black Friday discounts on orders. Taking a step back, definitely have a look at the kind of tech solutions that can drive efficiencies and much better service in the long run. If you are confident these peaks are here to stay for your business, then these solutions make sense.

For example, BITO has launched the U-Turn container which is designed to help logistics operations such as e-commerce fulfilment, through features such as smaller sizes (suitable for the larger range, smaller unit numbers profile that is typical in much of eCommerce), as well as being designed for easy use with automated handling systems.

Speaking of automation, another example is how Dematic helped a beauty brand consolidate two very busy distribution centres, one of which was managing peak volumes of 88,000 packs a day, and the other fulfilling eCommerce orders of 142,500 items per day. This was achieved with a blend of picking solutions coordinated by smart software. And having spoken to a wide variety of automated equipment suppliers over the years they are unanimous that software is the difference maker. 

The Timber sector has its own challenges. It might not to subject to the same towering peaks of demand, but handling and storing long and awkward loads needs careful thought, design and the right solutions. In this feature we highlight some standout products and systems, such as BS Handling’s design of a pallet conveyor system specifically for a timber firm, integrating specialist features such as a baling machine, a robot arm for the movement of packed bales, and a shrink wrapping machine with turntable into the process. We also see how Baumann has tweaked its sideloader range.

There are many other examples of kit to help with Peak, or specialist verticals such as Timber, as well as a multitude of other materials handling challenges on this website. We hope you get something out of it that sparks debate in your office, and helps you reach your goals, whether it is upping your game in terms of customer service, getting raw speed up, or simply saving cash.