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Contact tipping skips come with a wealth of options

18 March 2019

Keeping employees safe and ensuring the working area is kept clean and tidy are both key priorities for most companies – that’s why the range of forklift tipping skips available from Contact Attachments continue to be hugely popular.

The skips and tipping bins are ideal for the production or storage areas at firms who need help to keep their workplace clear by having a system in place to safely and quickly remove scrap.

Contact Attachments can manufacture skips and other attachments from high quality stainless steel to ensure ATEX rating — providing spark resistance, and additional peace of mind for the safety of staff, should the products need to be used in potentially hazardous or explosive environments.

Using their 45 years of experience within the industry, Contact Attachments has developed a range of forklift and telehandler tipping bins which are easy to use and extremely safe.

The products have a regular duty 3mm thick steel body and heavy duty under frame which makes them ideal for the collection and disposal of general factory rubbish – and also means they are strong, durable and have a long service life.

A simple to operate release mechanism allows the tip skip to roll forward, meaning emptying the contents is convenient and easy. Because the release handles are full width, this means the operator does not have to lean between the skip and truck mast for tipping.

The skips are ideal for tipping at height if needed, and twin locking mechanisms ensure safe locking if the skips are loaded unevenly.

The skips come in a variety of colours which helps with waste segregation, and they are fully tested and certified for compliance with the latest health and safety regulations – the tipping skips are CE marked and supplied with a certificate of conformity.

Retrofit is easy to do if required thanks to the pre-drilled castor plates and pull cord fixing points and bolted tipping handle assembly allows for easy replacement with no welding.