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BioLPG – the sustainable fuel solution for forklifts

08 August 2019

In today’s day and age, the emphasis on sustainability and reducing global warming means businesses must be aware of the challenges posed by climate change.

Considering this, what can decision makers in the forklift truck (FLT) market do to improve their sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of their business? The answer to this question presents exciting opportunities for supply chain professionals to realise commercial benefits, while still increasing the sustainability of their operations.

One such opportunity is swapping out existing fuels for a more environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative. With that in mind, Calor offers BioLPG – a greener fuel that builds upon the already-established benefits of LPG. It is an integral part of Calor’s ambition that, by 2040, all its energy products will be from renewable sources and makes the ideal solution for companies looking to improve their sustainability credentials in line with the UK’s legislative and environmental ambitions.

Because it is molecularly identical to LPG, BioLPG is a drop-in fuel meaning there is no requirement for a separate supply chain. Therefore, benefits and carbon savings of up to 32%* can be realised instantly for those already fuelling their FLTs with LPG. For those businesses looking to switch from diesel, these benefits will be greater still, with potential cost savings of up to 24%** and a significant reduction in harmful particulate matter achievable.

Therefore, with the Renewable Energy Directive introducing criteria where renewable energy must make up 20 per cent of a company’s overall consumption by 2020, adopting BioLPG is becoming an even more logical choice towards creating a greener and more sustainable future.

To find out more about how you could benefit from Calor BioLPG, simply visit www.calor.co.uk/flt.