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Warehouse tracking tech wins Arco award 10/04/2020

ARCO has announced the winner of its Health and Safety Innovation Award, which aims to bring new technology to protect workers and assets in logistics and warehousing.

The process saw 36 start-up companies in health and safety technology shortlisted to five, with Sonodot, with its indoor location-tracking systems for warehouse assets and workers, the ultimate winner.

Sondot develops ultrasound sensors for the real-time tracking of people and assets in warehouses, providing services such as forklift tracking and 24/7 visibility of a company’s high value assets. The solution also offers a software platform to analyse operational performance and make recommendations to optimise equipment use and avoid accidents. This allows facilities managers to make better decisions around safety, human labour and fleet utilisation.

Arco is now engaging with the Sonodot team to discuss next steps in taking Sonodot to Arco’s customer base across the UK. 

Adam Young, director of marketing at Arco, said: “We are excited to be working with Sonodot and think its solution will have a great impact on the health and safety world today and in the foreseeable future.”

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Modern footwear 31/07/2018

Arco has launched its new collection of slip resistant footwear, introducing new athletic styles from the Trojan range. The range is designed to meet the needs of today’s workers for modern, athletic footwear that prioritises comfort without comprising safety.

Slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of major injury in UK workplaces. Between 2014/15-2016/17, an estimated 979,000 working days were lost due to such incidents equating to an average of 8.8 working days lost per case. To help reduce these accidents and ensure workers are protected from injuries, it is critical they wear the appropriate safety footwear that has been tested to comply with the relevant safety standards.

The new range of Trojan footwear exceeds these standards and has been tested in the company’s independently accredited Product Assurance Laboratory, achieving EN ISO 20344:2011 and the EN ISO 13287: 2012 standard for slip resistance.

Products in TROJAN’s new range include:

Trojan Nireus S1P Safety Hikers - This hiker is perfect for workers who want the protection of a traditional safety boot that looks casual, with the most innovative safety features. The fashionable exterior conceals the steel toecap, penetration-resistant stainless steel midsole and antistatic properties. Offering an outsole that provides superb resistance to slipping, these lightweight and stylish hikers are perfect whether you’re busy grafting on-site or meeting friends after work.

Trojan Nireus S1P Safety Trainers - These lightweight safety trainers offer all the protection you need, while still looking stylish. Featuring an outsole that provides outstanding slip-resistance, the trainers have also been designed with antistatic properties, a steel toecap and a penetration-resistant midsole, which are both hidden within the trainer.

Trojan Pandia II S3 Safety Boots – These high-top sneakers are lightweight and durable and with an outsole that provides excellent resistance to slipping, they are ideal for workers that need reassurance that their shoes have good grip. The aluminium toecap and composite midsole means that workers will be able to wear them all day without the risk of pain or discomfort.

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Arco launches hose catalogue 04/05/2018

Arco Hose Division has launched its new hose catalogue, which is designed to ensure companies are equipped with the latest and most compliant hose solutions.

The 68 page catalogue offers customers access to over 3,000 product lines and 600,000 metres of hose including ducting and fitting products for general purpose, as well as hose products specifically designed for the food and drink, oil and chemical industries.

Providing products that are designed to enhance workplace safety is now a key addition in the catalogue. A new ‘workplace products’ section has been added, featuring lockout tag out, industrial matting, spill control and industrial lubricants and adhesives. Solutions can also be made to suit individual specifications, from high-risk chemical transfer hoses to general purpose industrial tubes.

With over 200 years’ of hose experience, the Arco Hose Division reinforces its core principles of quality, safety and service through the investment of swagers, chop saws, coilers and hose pushers, all of which enable the team to deliver enhanced customer service. Arco experts can also externally crimp hose assemblies from 6mm to 305mm and internally swage 52mm up to 305mm.

With some of the most renowned manufacturing facilities in the UK, Arco has a range of fixed and portable hydrostatic testing equipment allowing the experts to pressure test all hose solutions manufactured, ensuring complete safety for the intended application. Tests are also conducted by the National Association for Hose and Accessories Distribution (NAHAD) trained fitters.

For more information, or to order a catalogue please visit, https://www.arco.co.uk/catrequest


01482 611611

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Drawing a line under workplace accidents 04/04/2018

Arco helps businesses enhance workplace safety with linemarking solutions.

Following the recent spell of bad weather the UK has endured with the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma, Arco is calling out to businesses to ensure their sites are still adhering to workplace safety regulations and taking the necessary steps to reduce onsite accidents, especially those involving transport.

Cold weather can have detrimental effects on road markings, making warehouses, carparks and loading bays extremely hazardous. To assist businesses looking to reinstate both internal and external road lines, however, Arco is offering a complete linemarking solution.

The Health and Safety Executive reports over 5,000 accidents involving transport in UK workplaces every year, with around 50 of these incidents being fatalities. It is also reported that forklifts are involved in about quarter of all workplace accidents. Anyone working in the vicinity of these vehicles, or anyone using forklift trucks, could be at risk of injury.

To prevent such accidents, linemarking is critical and Arco has a range of products including specialist paints, marking tape and stencil sets, enabling this is to be done quickly and efficiently, resulting in optimum safety for everybody on site. 

When linemarking the working environment, careful consideration should be given to where this is placed, as well as the surface preparation and paint type used. Questions companies should ask themselves when implementing this system, include: 

  • Volume of traffic in the area?
  • Will it be wet or slippery? 
  • Are chemical spillages likely? 
  • What is the surface material? 
  • Is interior or exterior marking required?

Well-laid line markings on well-prepared floors should last a number of years and implementing a clear line marking system, using Arco’s quality products, will improve safety in the workplace and reduce preventable accidents.  

For more information about Arco’s line marking solutions, please visit www.arco.co.uk/linemarking

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Weather the storm 01/12/2017

Arco is urging businesses to prepare for winter and ensure safety items are maintained and in good working order.

With reports of an increased risk of bad weather this winter, Arco recommends businesses to plan ahead with its expert advice sheets for business winter weather needs, including advice against flooding, effective salting and how to be weather warning aware. 

The series of Arco expert advice sheets can be found on the Arco dedicated winter webpage, including recommendations of essential workplace safety items such as grit bins, blue de-icing salt that is easier to see, salt spreading equipment, shovels, heaters and accessories. Arco also offers a downloadable, easy-to-use ‘Salt Calculator’ app, available from the App store or Google Play, that provides instant calculations for the quantity of salt required for each site, with personalised weather warnings that are tailored to your location.

Being well prepared to deal with extreme weather events can save businesses time and money and will help maintain a safe working environment.

Flooding can cause a huge amount of damage, not only to the property and its contents but it can also affect safety and hygiene standards even after the water is pumped out. By taking early action most businesses can save between 20 - 90% on the cost of lost stock and equipment, according to the Environment Agency.

Effective salting:
Salt is the most cost effective de-icer available to make roads, pavements and walkways safer as it reduces ice and adds as much grip to the surface as possible. Pre-salting will save time, money and injury.

Weather warnings:
Arco recommends that businesses monitor the probability of extreme weather conditions and advises that they sign up to flood warning services and weather updates for their region. Warnings can give an indication on the likelihood of severe weather and the impact the conditions may have. It is important to be aware and be prepared.

Niall Robinson, Product & Procurement Manager for Arco, said: “As the big chill approaches, we want to make sure our customers are ahead of the game when it comes to protecting their businesses against extreme weather. We have a comprehensive range of solutions to keep workplaces both safe and open throughout periods of extreme weather, and the experienced Arco team are on hand to provide expert advice for all winter business requirements.”

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Declaration of Conformity 11/10/2017

Arco is one of the first companies to offer its customers a Declaration of Conformity document on all own brand PPE products ahead of the 2018 deadline.

As it’s widely been reported, following an update to the Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and the Council on Personal Protective Equipment last year, those manufacturing and importing PPE within the EU must legally supply a Declaration of Conformity with each product placed on the market by 21st April 2018. 

Under the Manufacturers’ Obligations, manufacturers must provide the EU Declaration of Conformity with the PPE or provide a website address with the product where a downloadable online version can be found. The compulsory document confirms each product has passed all relevant safety requirements and has gone through appropriate assessments processes. 

Neil Hewitt from Arco says: “Providing a Declaration of Conformity will be compulsory from April 2018, however, we’re offering our customers these documents for all of our own brand products available on our website well in advance as we feel it’s important to lead by example. All of the Arco own brand label product declarations are available online, as self serve, downloadable PDFs.”

For more information or do download a document, visit here.

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New categories 12/09/2017

Storage and Materials Handling are among the categories added to Arco’s new safety expert catalogue.

The safety company has launched its 2017-18 Big Book catalogue offering a selection of PPE and workwear. 

As well as the new products, the Big Book also features three new categories: First Aid, Storage and Materials Handling, and Maintenance and Facility supplies. 

This year the catalogue showcases over 600 new products.

Featured brands include 3M, Procter and Gamble and Dr. Martens. 

The weatherwear range includes jackets and fleeces from brands such as The North Face, Berghaus and Regetta.

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Call for vigilance 12/07/2017

New Arco tests reveal several UK distributors are still selling substandard CE marked products.

Two years on from raising concerns that some safety footwear with EC type approval and CE marking is not fit for purpose Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, has found further evidence of CE marked PPE products failing to meet required standards.  

New testing undertaken by Arco has highlighted that not only are several CE marked safety footwear models continuing to fail standard safety tests, but samples of leather gloves have also been found to be non-compliant, raising concerns that the issue could extend across several types of PPE. The latest findings reinforce the message that CE markings cannot currently be fully relied upon as a guarantee that PPE is fit for purpose and it is essential employers closely scrutinise their supply chains to keep workers safe.

Following Arco’s tests on non-metallic safety footwear in 2015, in which several footwear samples failed safety testing despite being CE marked, further market surveillance undertaken in March 2017 found a number of safety footwear products are continuing to fail standard safety tests according to EN ISO 20345: 2011. It has also been revealed that one of the brands of footwear recently tested has failed tests on a number of previous occasions and that the manufacturer is aware of these failures.

In addition, during the 2017 tests, a random sampling of a leather glove supplied by one distributor was found to contain illegal levels of Azo dyes, these are restricted substances of very high concern under REACH, which is both carcinogenic and mutagenic.

With a growing body of evidence to suggest substandard PPE is common in UK workplaces and beyond, Arco believes it is time for change and action. While discussions are taking place with Trading Standards and organisations such as the BSIF, Arco believes reputable suppliers and customers must lead the way by demanding proof that necessary standards are being met.

This is especially important given that some of the suppliers of substandard products came from distributors who market themselves as leaders in PPE, safety and quality, meaning in many cases employers are being falsely assured that the products they are buying are meeting necessary standards. Consequently, it can be extremely difficult for those buying PPE to identify true product compliance. To help employers feel confident that the PPE they are buying is fit for purpose, Arco urges they take the following three steps: 

  • Ask suppliers for a declaration of conformity showing original certification for the PPE. 
  • Ask suppliers to define their process for sample testing to ensure safety products continue to meet the required standards.
  • Ask suppliers to define their process of quality assurance to ensure products are being manufactured as originally certified.

For further information on Arco’s own product assurance and fully accredited testing laboratory, please visit: www.arco.co.uk/productassurance.

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Health and safety training for Hull City of Culture 13/06/2017

Arco, the UK’s leading safety company and major partner of Hull City of Culture, led vital health and safety training for management and volunteer teams involved in the delivery of this year’s City of Culture programme.

Arco provided two nationally recognised training courses, which were completed by Hull 2017 managers and senior events management team members from Hull City Council. The certified courses included IOSH Working Safely, which meets the government’s guidelines for introductory health and safety training; and IOSH Managing Safely; which gives managers an understanding of their health and safety responsibilities. The courses were delivered with particular focus on Event Safety. 

Arco also designed and created the uniforms for the Hull City of Culture teams, which includes: polo shirts, a 3-in-1 soft shell and waterproof jacket combination, cargo pants and shorts, a baseball cap and backpack. Each item has been carefully designed to withstand warm, dry, wet or cold weather conditions and features the chosen corporate colour palette to represent Hull City of Culture 2017. 

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Call to businesses on modern day slavery 02/02/2017

Safety company Arco is urging businesses to ask the suppliers within their supply chain about their ethical assurance measures, in particular about due diligence processes in relation to slavery and human trafficking in their business and supply chains.

Latest figures show that there are more than 45.8 million people in a form of modern slavery across 167 countries today. Slavery continues to exist in the 21st century, perpetuating millions into a life of poverty, vulnerability and alienation. 

Arco takes its ethical responsibility seriously and was the first distributor within the industry to become a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). Arco joined the ETI in 2007, forming part of an alliance of leading companies, trade unions and voluntary organisations that work in partnership to improve the lives of workers around the globe. 

Arco continues to work on its ethical strategy, which first started over a decade ago, and was pleased to see amendments to company disclosure requirements under the Modern Slavery Act 2015. This motivated the company to launch its own ‘Start Yours’ campaign. Arco is making a number of recommendations to businesses who buy safety equipment to raise awareness and guide businesses to ensure ethical compliance.

Arco has created a short video raising awareness of modern day slavery, which can be viewed at: https://youtu.be/xwGyhSg3Oh4

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