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PowerFleet® by I.D. Systems    

I.D. Systems is the leading, OEM agnostic supplier of intelligent fleet management solutions with more than 25 years of experience in helping our customers operating their fleets safer, greener and more cost effective. The three I.D. Systems’ business units focus on the management of MHE and other industrial trucks, on logistics visibility solutions far beyond the mere tracking of trailers and on connected car solutions including custom products. Our headquarters are in the Woodcliff Lake/NJ with several other offices in the US and subsidiaries in the UK and Germany. However, our customer base shows our truly global footprint much stronger with more than 250,000 units deployed on industrial trucks, trailers, containers, chassis and automobiles in The Americas, Europe, Middle East & Africa as well as Asia.


Creating a Culture of Safety – our mission with PowerFleet®

With our intelligent fleet management systems for MHE and other industrial trucks you will achieve your goals when it comes to safe and efficient operations. Enhanced safety goes hand in hand with a reduction of incidents and repairs, resulting in lower costs. Our solutions help optimising the utilization of your fleet, improving maintenance and service procedures in the workshop – for a noticeable increase in productivity all round. They also ensure that drivers adopt more responsible practices – safeguarding you and your workforce.

With PowerFleet® you will: 

•   Avoid impact damage and reduce repair costs
•   Increase safety and responsibility
•   Optimise fleet size and productivity
•   Implement more efficient service and maintenance schedules
•   Carry out inspection using electronic checklists

I.D. Systems has been reshaping their product range offering for MHE and other industrial trucks to now provide a solution for every size of fleet:


PowerFleet® Essence: The newly released smart entrance level fleet management solution to operate small forklift fleets (< 10 trucks) safe and cost efficient. The system includes the easy-to-install OC53 operator console for access control, an electronic pre-ops safety checklist, an impact sensor and the fleet management App ” PowerFleet® Control Center” for installation on an iPad or iPhone. The data transfer works automatically via Bluetooth; there is no complicated set-up, no costly IT involvement, it just works out of the box.


PowerFleet® Expert: Use the features of PowerFleet Essence on our cloud hosted platform Infomatics, giving you extended reporting and alert capabilities.


PowerFleet® Enterprise: Our flagship management solution - multifunctional and wireless with a broad range of productivity analyses. This offers numerous benefits for companies operating larger fleets, particularly across multiple sites. As an optional add-on to PowerFleet® Enterprise the innovative KPI dashboard tool and ‘intelligence engine’ PowerFleet IQ™, enables strategic analysis and detailed benchmarking of MHE data.

Furthermore, we offer additional products to improve the safety around the workplace, such as the FOREWARNER Maxi crane lights to alert to the operating area and different lights to be used with MHE, such as blue spots and cameras.


Your powerful partner

There are plenty of standard solutions on the market, but tailor-made comprehensive packages such as ours are rare. We develop, project-manage, implement and service these systems in the UK, Europe and worldwide.


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