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Rubb Buildings Ltd designs, manufactures and installs storage and warehousing solutions for a wide range of goods, distribution and transport operations.

Our high quality, fabric engineered structures offer many benefits to a wide variety of end users.

Clear span structures and high translucent ceilings provide a bright, efficient working environment. Rubb structures are built to last, but are also fully relocatable or extendable to meet changing logistical needs. Rubb bulk storage buildings can be easily converted, adapted or relocated to store additional products, providing a more flexible storage solution.

Rubb buildings can be easily custom designed to accommodate conveyors and other loading methods. Retaining sidewalls can also be integrated to resist lateral loadings. Our storage buildings have been used to store wide variety of items, from sensitive materials to large vehicles and associated operations. Affordable and quick to construct, Rubb warehouses also have much lower maintenance costs than traditional bulk storage facilities.

You can explore Rubb’s latest projects at www.rubbuk.com




Port Warehousing

Rubb port warehouses offer bulk storage solutions.

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Fabric Warehouse Structures

Rubb’s innovative fabric engineered, high quality structures offer proven solutions for a wide range of storage warehouse requirements.

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Fabric Salt Barns

Rubb’s salt storage buildings offer a superior alternative to wooden and metal bulk storage facilities.

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Industrial Buildings

Rubb’s industrial fabric buildings offer the versatility and adaptability that every market sector needs.

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Biomass Facilities

Rubb Buildings Ltd manufactures custom built engineered biomass facilities for the renewable energy and biomass power sectors.

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Custom Fabric Buildings

Working closely with architects to produce imaginative custom fabric building solutions.

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Insulated Fabric Buildings

Rubb’s innovative eco-friendly insulated storage buildings feature a flexible insulated fabric system which provides many benefits in an increasingly energy conscious world.

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Construction Shelters

Rubb Buildings Ltd provides temporary fabric shelters and semi-permanent construction shelters, tents and covers to the construction industry to protect ongoing building projects from the elements and external weather conditions.

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