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Tailored cover provided fast

12 December 2012

With protection of goods a key winter
priority and capital investment
restrained by the recession, supply chain
managers are looking to temporary
cover says Gordon Foster, managing
director of CopriSystems

Floods an

With protection of goods a key winter
priority and capital investment
restrained by the recession, supply chain
managers are looking to temporary
cover says CopriSystems

Floods and high winds have been an unfortunate
inconvenience this winter. Combined with snow and icy
cold conditions, protection for goods and personnel is an
essential health and safety consideration. But with financial
markets still in slow recovery, investment in supply chain
infrastructure is outweighed by cost cutting priorities.

Flexible solutions are the key to moving forward in today's
climate and loading bay and storage solution provider
CopriSystems is keen to help customers by tailoring designs to
individual requirements.

CopriSystems supplies galvanised steel-framed modular
structures, suitable for storage, warehousing or loading bay
requirements. For companies that need protection or additional
space fast, speed of installation is a major advantage of the
canopy building. It can be secured to an existing concrete base.

The canopy's integral wheel system is set in a track, which allows
the canopy to be fully retracted when not in use if space is a

A recent example of problem solving by CopriSystems is
illustrated by its work for E.ON Power Engineering Services
(picture right). Repairing and refurbishing steam turbines for
UK power stations and industrial clients is specialist work and
has to be timed throughout the year.

Essential shop floor space was being taken up with storing the
turbine rotors at E.ON's Power Engineering Services arm in
Birmingham. CopriSystems delivered and installed a freestanding
canopy system within six weeks, with refurbishment of turbine
rotors once again running at full steam.

CopriSystems completed the installation and all ground works
within the agreed timeframe and budget. E.ON Power
Engineering Services are using this new facility to the full. The
use of the canopy has reduced the rotor movements required.

This in turn has increased efficiency and reduced the health and
safety risk associated with moving heavy pieces of equipment.

Any priority or site issue can be overcome by talking to the
client about specific needs. As well as providing protection and
temporary storage, heating costs can be reduced and health and
safety issues overcome. Rental options are particularly appealing
and offer significant financial benefits. As rental can be paid from
income, companies can save precious capital for other
expenditure. Capital Allowances can be claimed by the lessee in
many cases.

CopriSystems' rental package includes delivery, installation
and construction, inclusive of any ground works if required, with
the same service for the removal of the canopy at the end of the

FKI Logistex in Wetherby,West Yorkshire, approached
CopriSystems looking to rent a large building for one year.

As an international specialist in integrated warehousing
systems, FKI Logistex had been commissioned to provide a new
automated storage facility replacing in excess of 150 kilometres of
library shelving.

Working within the tight space constraints of the existing
buildings, additional space was required for the clean storage and
construction of the racking system components before
installation into the high bay storage area. CopriSystems installed
a 33m x 24m canopy building, sitting on concrete blocks weighing
55t for anchorage, for use as a temporary workshop and goods
marshalling area. The one year rental agreement was cost effective
and avoided significant capital outlay.

For seasonal variations in demand and if the need is
temporary, renting a canopy is an ideal solution. For a more
permanent solution, the canopy building is a tailor made product
designed to suit individual site requirements fast.

At London's Heathrow cargo terminal (picture left),
CopriSystems installed an 18.5m by 9m wide canopy,monopitch
side wall mounted onto an existing warehouse. The canopy is
being used to extend the storage capability for Swissport Cargo
Logistics Company.

Internal space needed to be freed up within the warehouse.

Special energy efficient lighting has been installed which respond
to a motion sensor and specific design modifications had to be
made to accommodate an existing overhead structure.

Air Freight Technologies who handled the installation of the
canopy on behalf of Swissport Cargo says: "We chose
CopriSystems on the basis of its solid reputation, reasonable
pricing structure and client base. The canopy looks good and is
serving its purpose.We are very
pleased and so is our client."