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Green duty emphasised

12 December 2012

Mitsubishi has launched the Grendia 1.5 to 5.5 tonne IC engine counterbalance range, which it has dubbed 'the green diamond' When Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks asks its customers for feedback, the word 'reliability' comes u

Mitsubishi has launched the Grendia 1.5 to 5.5 tonne IC engine counterbalance range, which it has dubbed 'the green diamond'

When Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks asks its customers for feedback, the word 'reliability' comes up time after time. The firms adds: "Generations of forklift users have remained faithful to Mitsubishi. Each product has built on the reputation for reliability of its predecessors - a reputation reinforced by today's unbeatable Mitsubishi 5 year warranty package. So the announcement of a new Mitsubishi line-up in the key 1.5 to 5.5 tonne IC engine counterbalance sector is sure to stir a lot of interest." Introduced this month, the truck comes with a new design, new specifications and a new family name: Grendia.

Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks general manager Mike Jones explains: "The name means green diamond. Green symbolises our commitment to protecting the environment, while diamonds signify the high quality, reliability and sound investment delivered by this family of trucks.

"It's a truck you can trust absolutely. Grendia offers forklift users a choice of rigorously tested diesel and LPG engines that promise non-stop productivity," says Jones.

"Operators will enjoy the fully floating powertrain with twospeed forward and one-speed reverse transmission, which delivers impressive power and gradeability with minimum noise and vibration.

"In fact, the new Grendia series takes into account every operator need," adds Jones.

ErgoCentric approach to design By taking a 'ErgoCentric' approach to forklift truck design, Mitsubishi designers have achieved results including: easy on-off access, comfortable seats, user-friendly controls, a practical layout, clear all-round visibility, smooth operation and a pleasant working environment.

Customers can choose from 14 Grendia ES models between 1.5 and 3.5 tonnes (replacing the previous FD/FG15-35N or 'N series') and 10 Grendia EX models between 4.0 and 5.5 tonnes (replacing and extending the previous FD/FG40-50K series).

As before, many advanced features are specified as standard.

The latest Mitsubishi developments in instrumentation, diagnostics, operator identification and electronic failsafe equipment (Integrated Presence System on Grendia ES and IPS2 on Grendia EX ) are all within the basic price of the truck.

For more specialised applications and customisations, hundreds of options are possible. They include the new ProCab fully floating, tiltable, luxury cabin and the new VersaCab range of versatile panel cabins.

Another new option, exclusive to Grendia EX models, is FlexControl intelligent truck protection. Developed for highintensity applications, it allows the operator to achieve dynamic performance - effortlessly, safely and with minimum wear of transmission components and tyres.

"When you look at the overall costs, Grendia makes great economic sense," says Jones. "Grendia takes reliability and performance to even greater heights: setting standards that other manufacturers can only hope to follow.

"For a start, these trucks are built to last. Everything from the frame, body and mast to the smallest bearing is designed to resist damage. Throughout the truck,Mitsubishi designers have looked for ways to avoid wear and lower the cost of maintaining systems.

The use of maintenance-free gears instead of belts in the powertrain is one of many successful developments in that search." RapidAccess features throughout the truck speed up daily checks and servicing - again helping to save costs and avoid loss of productivity. And to further minimise operating costs in the short-term and protect against nasty surprises in the long-term, Mitsubishi offers five years' protection of every major component - eliminating unplanned bills and guaranteeing complete peace of mind.

Jones concludes: "By reducing component replacement, maximising fuel efficiency and minimising emissions, Grendia benefits the planet as well as the operator and the employer. This makes Grendia truly a 'green diamond'."