Keeping it fresh

12 December 2012

Hormann explains its collaborative strategy claiming it makes for more efficient and better integrated designs.

Hormann explains its collaborative strategy claiming it makes for more efficient and better integrated designs

With closed cooling chains essential for fresh and frozen food, ensuring products are delivered to the consumer in peak condition Hormann has a range of reliable high speed doors that help to reduce heat transfer minimising fuel bills. From the loading bay all through the various temperature zones found in cold stores Hormann has a range of doors and operators.

The solution based approach that Hormann takes to ensuring the needs of the customer is met involves significant interaction with building contractors and specialists such as ISD cold stores.

Both companies work together from the design stage to ensure the correct product and build specification is developed before a project commences. By working together fully integrated systems and designs lead to better efficiency in both operation and energy management.

A good example of this collaborative working is the New James Hall and Company, Spar distribution centre in Preston.

Hormann not only installed 57 loading bays but also a wide range of vertical and horizontal automatic doors in the cold storage areas as demanded by ISD.

On the chilled and frozen storage areas there are 31 loading bays that all feature Hormann's double insulated DPU sectional doors, that close in front of the dock levellers.

This allows the doors to form a seal on insulated panels that form the base of the dock leveller pits. A custom 1200mm telescopic lip on the HTL-2 dock levellers ensures a safe connection to vehicles docked on these bays.

A thermal "U" value of only 0.3 W/m2K for the doubled skinned steel door panel is achieved with an 80mm thick insulating core of rigid, HCFC free, polyurethane foam. Double seals at the lintel and floor effectively reduce energy losses while the steel sections have thermal breaks on both the interior and exterior.

To maintain the high levels of insulation while bringing more natural light into the cold store, quadruple glazed, full width panoramic vision panels have been chosen for this installation.

Double and triple glazed options are also available depending on the level of insulation needed. Thermal breaks and GRP reinforced spacers ensure the required level of thermal efficiency is maintained whichever version is selected.

The same level of insulation is used in Hormann's fast action Iso Speed Cold door. This door features heated panels and special seals making it the optimum solution for all areas with high temperature differences. However the integration of this door with other equipment such as dehumidifiers and air curtains relies on the expertise of ISD at the design and specification stage. Only by working together are the benefits of the products high quality and longevity maximised.

An example of the joined up thinking applied by Hormann and ISD is the specialist design co-ordination between high speed sectional doors and the insulated and finished concrete to ensure the threshold detail will work correctly. This involves a proprietary heating system laid within the floor finish and a fully detailed movement joint to allow contraction and expansion.

Hormann's range of high speed curtain doors includes the V3515 Iso curtain that has a 20mm thick PU foam curtain material, which is said to be ideal for use between warm and cold/fresh areas as well as in front of deep freeze areas in conjunction with a deep-freeze door. Again the flexible engineering that Hormann employs means that design considerations from ISD can readily be incorporated into the final solution.

Innovation and attention to detail were also the driving forces behind the development of Hormann's DOBO system that allows trucks to dock onto a loading bay with the rear doors still closed.

This is the ideal loading bay solution for closed cold chains. In a temperature controlled environment a truck can be docked and the inflatable dock seals engaged before the bay door or the truck doors are opened. This solution is ideal for all controlled environments and adds security.

In summary, by working together Hormann and ISD have developed better solutions that are improving efficiency in cold storage. Involving specialists at an early stage means that you can benefit from their knowledge and expertise to ensure that you get the system that best suits your needs.