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Reach trucks updated

12 December 2012

Yale has made a number of improvements to the MR series including a redesigned overhead guard that delivers better operator visibility Increased visibility and operator comfort updates have been made to the Yale MR ser

Yale has made a number of improvements to the MR series including a redesigned overhead guard that delivers better operator visibility

Increased visibility and operator comfort updates have been made to the Yale MR series of reach trucks. The company's senior product strategy manager for warehouse equipment, Robert O'Donoghue, explains the changes to the new MR14-25 reach trucks.

"As part of Yale's ongoing commitment to improve and evolve established products, our reach truck has undergone a series of enhancements and modifications making it even easier to operate.

"Our research has found that visibility is one of the major factors that influence an operator's attitude towards warehouse equipment. It is cited time and again in our discussions with end users so it was imperative that we looked at this issue when updating our current series." The reach truck's overhead guard has been redesigned without any compromise to its strength or security. The guard maintains driver protection while offering significantly improved upward visibility.

In a bid to enhance operator comfort, Yale has made changes to the truck that allow a new full suspension ergonomic seat to be installed.

Designed to drastically reduce whole body vibration, the seat has a very low profile mechanical suspension, a shock absorber and an integral lumbar support. A weight adjustment range dial allows the seat to be adjusted quickly for multiple users ranging from 45kg to 170kg and there is also an adjustable backrest angle with a setting range from -5 to 30 degrees.

The new seat is available in cloth or vinyl with a heated seat option for equipment used inside cold stores.

"As well as offering benefits to the end user," continues O'Donoghue. "The improved ergonomics of the reach truck have wider implications as we believe that improved comfort allows the operator to maintain optimum productivity for longer as fatigue is reduced."

Travel speed boost Productivity is further enhanced by an eight per cent increase in travel speeds, which the company says is particularly beneficial when trucks need to operate over longer distances.

Additional updates include reduced steer noise levels, antistatic traction and wet grip drive wheel, new 800mm and 1590mm forks and additional mast height options.

O'Donoghue says: "The reach truck is one of the most integral pieces of equipment in the warehouse, and when the right product is selected it can greatly improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the operation.

"The improvements to the new reach truck continue to follow Yale's approach to equipment design which is to offer the highest performing and efficient trucks available allowing operators to increase product throughput in the warehouse." The improvements to the new MR14-25 reach trucks build on the existing benefits offered by Yale's warehouse range including 360 degree steering, which offers greater driving control and more accurate positioning at the rack face, Yale's Palmtech joystick and AC technology as well as electronic fly by wire steering, auto regenerative braking and speed reduction cornering.

Designed to put the operator first, the Palmtech provides access for lift functions, forward reverse, and the horn. Yale's AC technology provides more choice for the operator in terms of performance and power. The performance and benefits of AC are unrivalled, a huge benefit as reach trucks are often put through their paces.

Electronic fly-by-wire steering automatically modifies steering sensitivity as travel speeds increase enhancing straight line travel control. Auto regenerative braking is standard across the range and provides smooth responsive braking instantly as the accelerator pedal is released. This has the added benefit of increasing battery life.

Automatic speed reduction on cornering helps to ensure best driving practice around the warehouse and to prevent unnecessary damage to racking and loads.

An interactive control has three pre-set performance levels ? soft, medium and hard ? plus a creep speed mode for sensitive manoeuvres. This allows the operator to pre-set the performance of the truck depending on the task. Each of the settings can be changed easily on the console with the simple touch of a button.

The instrumentation panel provides operators with a clear 'at a glance' display of all the truck's vital functions and also aids problem diagnosis by an alarm fault display screen.

As an option, a four digit pin code can be programmed into the console. This provides peace of mind for the manager helping to prevent unauthorised operation.

All serviceable components of the new reach truck are easily accessible; a swing door allows clear access to the motor and drive wheel related components and battery checking is simple with a battery release switch in the foot well. The battery is extracted by reaching the mast forward, which also facilitates side battery change.