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Picking heights to 12m

12 December 2012

In addition to the automated order picking solution previewed in the April issue, Toyota unveiled a range of warehouse equipment at CeMAT. Here are the highlights. Order picking is one of the fastest growing sectors in

In addition to the automated order picking solution previewed in the April issue, Toyota unveiled a range of warehouse equipment at CeMAT. Here are the highlights.

Order picking is one of the fastest growing sectors in material handling, largely due to online retailing and increasing consumer demand for a wider choice of products. At CeMAT, Toyota Material Handling Europe unveiled new products in this area, as well as a new name for its order picking range: the BT Optio.

"Order picking is a rapidly expanding process in material handling operations across Europe, driven by market trends such as increased online retailing," explains Niclas Sternerup, TMHE director product planning & support warehouse trucks.

"This, in turn, is making greater demands on the performance and reliability of order picking trucks. It is also driving picking to higher levels in a literal sense, in order to make the best use of available warehouse space." The H series is designed to offer picking heights of up to 12 metres and is said to allow maximum operational flexibility, helping companies to drive down costs and improve warehouse space utilisation.

Additional safety features include multi-point operator presence sensing, which does not allow the truck to operate unless the driver is standing inside the truck on the cab floor with both hands on the controls. PIN-code access (or the optional ID key) limits operation to authorised drivers.

Visibility is optimised thanks to BT's Totalview design, which features an open cab layout and clear-view mast and overhead guard.

The components used in the BT Optio H-series are designed for hard, continuous work. Powerful AC drive and lift motors work together with a heavy-duty gearbox. Sealed electronic components and heavy-duty materials assure a long working life, with careful attention to detail assuring reliability at every level.

Two Optio H-series models are available, both with a maximum platform height of 10.5m for picking up to 12m. The OME100H model has a load capacity of 1000kg and auxiliary lift with fixed or adjustable forks, and is available in nine cab widths from 1000mm to 1800mm. The OMH120HW model has a load capacity of 1200kg and a 'walkthrough' design for the picking of large items.

Both basic models OME100H and OME120HW are available in cold store versions. First production of BT Optio H is scheduled for Q4, 2011.

CeMAT 2011 also featured the world premiere of TMHE's new BT Optio L-series of low-level order pickers. Designed for all types of firstlevel order picking, the BT Optio Lseries will be launched in the second half of 2011. The new BT Optio Lseries will have a range of models with load capacities from 1,000kg to 2,500kg.

Vector reach trucks Continuing the focus on reducing storage space costs, the new BT Vector R-series is the latest 'man-down' VNA range for full pallet handling. Based on the BT Reflex reach truck platform, the BT Vector R-series offers either turret head or shuttle fork configurations. Transitional Lift Control (TLC) assures smooth lifting and lowering at all speeds, reducing the risk of load damage and related costs.

The new BT Vector C-series is the latest family of 'man-up' VNA combi-style trucks, for both full pallet handling and order picking. The fold-down mast design allows the trucks to be transported on conventional road vehicles and driven on to site, rather than requiring heavy lifting equipment during installation. This dramatically reduces installation time and cost, and also increases flexibility.

Radioshuttle Over the past decade, BT Radioshuttle has established a niche in ultra-high-density storage. Loads are stored in deep storage tunnels, being placed and retrieved by remote-controlled shuttle units. This allows economies in the use and cost of storage space. The new fourth-generation BT Radioshuttle offers additional safety features, more on-board intelligence for stock control, and is fully sealed for protection against spills. It also delivers the highest performance for this type of storage solution, says Toyota.