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Retrofit weighing system

12 December 2012

LiftWeigh system available in 2.5, 4.5 and 9 tonne capacities and said to have a high resistance to shock.

Weightron Bilanciai's LiftWeigh forklift truck weighing system has gained Class III weights and measures approval.

LiftWeigh has been specifically developed to meet all essential criteria for retrofit forklift truck weighing systems.

The LiftWeigh system consists of two weigh assemblies, which fit side by side directly on standard forklift carriages - without the need for any mechanical alterations to the forklift. The forks then hook onto the weighing units and cable assemblies are connected via a junction box to the onboard weight indicator.

Weightron's sales director Emlyn Roberts believes LiftWeigh is the most accurate and robust forklift weighing system available on today's market: "Weighing plays a vital role in warehousing, transportation and materials handling.

"Having the ability to weigh pallets, drums and IBCs directly from the forklift has significant financial, operational and safety advantages. However any retrofit weighing system must be simple to fit and has to withstand probably the harshest industrial environments imaginable.

"Weightron has extensive experience in the problems associated with such mobile weighing applications and the LiftWeigh concept is the culmination of exhausting research, development and testing. Finally we have a product that is proven to work long term in such demanding environments. LiftWeigh is extremely easy to fit and provides exceptional trade approved accuracy of 0.04% of weighed load." Compatible with Class II, III and IV carriages, LiftWeigh is available in 2.5, 4.5 and 9 tonne capacities and is said to have high resistance to shock and side loads as independently verified by an external test house. A range of weight indicators is available and the optional wireless data transmission capability allows communication between the forklift and base station.