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Rental trucks specified for stadium work

12 December 2012

Linde helps Inscapes manage projects with bespoke materials handling solution.

Linde Material Handling supplied Inscapes with a range of diesel engine counterbalance trucks to provide the strength and manoeuvrability needed to cope with heavy loads in an outdoor, high pressured environment.

Based in Bridgend in south Wales, Inscapes is a landscaping business which lifts and resurfaces various landscapes. The company has worked on many projects across the UK including projects at the Hampton Court Palace, Kensington Palace, various football clubs and recently at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

Gareth Davies, from Inscapes explains: “We have recently completed a large pitch extraction project at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff and with the help of our Linde trucks, we completed the project 24 hours before the given deadline. We work on a project by project basis and so the Linde fork truck hire option has worked extremely well for us over the past few years.

“As the Inscapes health and safety manager, it's crucial that I ensure our workforce is safe during each project and with Linde being known for its high safety standards, it seemed like the perfect fit for our requirements.”

Rhian Stephens, senior rental controller at Linde Severnside, explains: “We first started working with Inscapes in 2005 when the company required durable trucks which were suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

"They needed the trucks on a short term basis due to the nature of their project work. Most of Inscapes' projects involve the lifting and maneuvering of loads from 1.5 to 3 tonnes and so the H16 and H30D diesel engine counterbalance trucks provided the ideal solution for the company.

“The trucks supplied are multi-purpose and feature the unique Linde hydrostatic control for unparalleled performance and reliability, together with fuel-efficient and low emission engines. The advanced design features of Linde trucks also maximise operator performance, safety and comfort which in turn make shifts more productive, saving cost, time and energy for the company.”