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Jungheinrich works on its CV

12 December 2012

Jungheinrich is to demonstrate its lift trucks at April's Commercial Vehicle show.

Visitors to leading materials handling systems specialist Jungheinrich's stand at this year's Commercial Vehicle Show will have the chance to see examples from the company's VFG range of hydrostatic engine-powered counterbalance trucks together with Jungheinrich's recently introduced lithium-ion powered pallet truck - one of the most significant developments in forklift truck technology for many years.

The counterbalance trucks on show are powered by a Volkswagen engine and feature self-contained hydraulic pump and motor systems which provide smooth and controllable acceleration as well as braking. Unlike other forklift trucks with hydrostatic drive currently on the market, Jungheinrich's hydrostatic drive components have been specifically designed for forklift use, which means they offer optimum performance over the life of the truck.

The trucks are ideal for applications where a lot of 'shuttling' work is involved - such as lorry loading and unloading - because acceleration is fast and direct while changes in direction are slick and smooth and fuel consumption is minimal.

Also on show will be the EJE 112i lithium-ion powered pallet truck. Lithium-ion technology offers a number of significant environmental and productivity benefits over traditional lead acid batteries. The battery unit itself, for example, is radically different from a lead acid battery. The battery used to power the EJE 112i weighs just 14kg. It looks very much like a brief case and can be handled easily without lifting gear.

Charging is quick and simple - it takes just 30 minutes to deliver a 50 per cent charge and the battery is fully charged within 80 minutes. The short charging times enable more flexible truck utilisation and 'opportunity charging' - something that will be particularly welcome at sites running multiple shifts.