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SmartCarrier a hit with Swisslog customers

12 December 2012

SmartCarrier a hit with Swisslog customers

A year after its introduction, several major customers have selected the SmartCarrier storage and transport system for their operations. Companies like Hama GmbH & Co. KG, Fesco GmbH or Brødrene Dahl AS in Norway rely on SmartCarrier's superior scalability, flexibility and high throughput levels.

The SmartCarrier storage and transport system has been designed primarily for highly dynamic tote applications. It consists of three components: racking, high-speed double lift and SmartCarrier vehicles. The system offers maximum scalability, efficient use of technology and sophisticated energy management. This allows the throughput of a SmartCarrier aisle to be set as needed within a range of 100 to 500 totes per hour. This flexibility and performance has found acceptance in the marketplace.

SmartCarrier as part of Hama's innovative picking concept
Hama, a German company specializing in accessories for multimedia, photo, consumer electronics and telecommunications, has selected SmartCarrier as a subsystem of a new logistics solution for its existing logistics center. “The smart design, the technology of the SmartCarrier vehicles and the high throughput of the system convinced us. SmartCarrier is the heart of our new innovative picking concept, which provides a significant improvement of our logistics,” said Roland Handschiegel, Logistics Manager at Hama GmbH & Co. KG, when asked why the company opted for the Swisslog system.

Flexibility and scalability ensured for Fossil with SmartCarrier
FESCO, a subsidiary of the Fossil Group, decided to redesign the picking processes in its German distribution center to accommodate above-average growth. The SmartCarrier technology forms the core of the order processing workflow. This flexible storage and transport system supports up to 2,400 in- and outfeeds per hour. If needed, the throughput capacity can be increased flexibly at a later date. Josef Otter, Logistics Manager at FESCO GmbH, explains why his company selected Swisslog's solution concept: “Our customers' dynamic order behavior and online sales require fast and flexible solutions. SmartCarrier is an efficient technology that integrates perfectly with our existing infrastructure.”

Compact solution based on SmartCarrier at Dahl
Brødrene Dahl AS, Norway's leading plumbing and piping wholesaler, also needed a high-performance logistics solution to keep pace with its business growth. Brødrene Dahl AS uses SmartCarrier as a buffering system for 3,800 trays with a throughput of 920 in- and outfeeds per hour. Jan G. Vere, Supply Chain Director at Brødrene Dahl AS, says: “SmartCarrier fulfilled our requirements in terms of space efficiency. We liked Swisslog's approach for a compact solution concept based on SmartCarrier. Therefore we decided to go with this high-throughput buffering system.”

The new SmartCarrier generation is based on a proven concept with 40 installations currently in operation and is an ideal complement to Swisslog's light-goods portfolio.