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Space saving & energy efficient dynamic storage from Interroll

12 December 2012

“Dynamic storage fully meets the demands for flexibility in capacity and performance and is capable of growing with a company”, those are the words of Professor Lothar Schulze, head of the Leibniz University - Hanover.

“Dynamic storage fully meets the demands for flexibility in capacity and performance and is capable of growing with a company”, those are the words of Professor Lothar Schulze, head of the Leibniz University - Hanover.

The head of the university's Department for Planning & Control of Warehouse & Transport Systems (PSLT) was reflecting on “attractive, cost-efficient logistical alternatives to the single-bay rack and considered the dynamic flow storage solution to be far superior to its conventional static alternative.”

“Flow storage systems offer industrialized, emerging and developing countries a manageable, high performance logistics solution for manufacturing, retail and service sectors.

Compact, space saving - using 50% less space than conventional storage systems, energy efficient flow storage solutions offer best-in-class performance when it comes to handling fast moving goods in limited numbers within the parameters of a resource-efficient logistics strategy.

Sustainability and security of investments are key aspects of any logistics system and Interroll flow storage solutions are designed to be versatile and can be expanded as required and space permitting, will fit a company's needs. The number of pallet positions can be increased by simply increasing the height and tiers or by simply extending the channel depths up 60metres.

In addition, combining flow storage with semi and fully automated handling devices has resulted in innovative system and integration concepts. ”

Interroll pallet storage and picking solutions
Interroll pallet storage conveying modules are compatible with virtually all manufacturers racking and are designed to offer maximum flexibility to store a wide range of pallet sizes and weights, including Euro pallets, CHEP pallets, plastic pallets and steel stillages, etc with high throughput.

Interroll's Pallet Flow storage systems are space saving and compact, with no intermediate aisles and just one for loading and another for unloading. They are also designed to support a large range of applications to improve the overall performance of warehousing and distribution centres that may require FIFO (First In First Out), LIFO (Last In First Out) applications, from buffer to picking and dispatch lanes. They are also very energy efficient, using gravity to convey pallets from the loading to the unloading face and therefore, there is no need for drive motors or complicated control functions.

FIFO stock management guarantees accurate stock rotation as the first pallet to be loaded in a lane is the first pallet available at the picking face on the retrieval side. When a pallet is unloaded, the pallet stored behind automatically takes its place, thereby ensuring that the goods are constantly available at the picking face. This management method is particularly efficient for perishable or date sensitive goods.

Interroll Pushback system operates on the principle of LIFO (Last-In First-Out), a forklift truck loads and unloads the pallets at the same face. To load a pallet, the forklift truck pushes the pallet at the picking face towards the back of the lane using the pallet to be loaded.

Safety is Paramount
Interroll's engineers have developed completely new technology and offer a Pallet Flow system that include innovative speed controllers, stronger separation devices to ensure safe pallet release and new rollers. This new product generation improves the safety of the operators, gives more flexibility and efficiency in the daily utilisation and offers high quality flow storage.

All the FIFO lanes from Interroll are equipped with a safety separator so on lifting the first pallet to remove it from the order picking face, there is a delay before the separation device releases the next pallet in line. This gives the forklift truck driver all the necessary time to unload the pallet safely before the second pallet is released.

This separator allows you to work with all common pallet weight and size ranges (from 60Kg to 1400Kg and from 600 to 1200mm deep). The Interroll speed controllers keep the pallet at 0.3m/s constant speed whatever the pallet weight.

All Interroll pallet flow systems are qualified at the Interroll test center in La Roche sur Yon, France: With 50.000 test cycles, Interroll products are even certified to withstand chilled (0/5 °C) and deep freeze (-28 °C) temperatures and still provide smooth and even pallet movement.

Customer Open Days
With ongoing product developments, Interroll frequently arrange open days that are held at its Corby offices and showroom and these are open to any interested parties and Interroll distributors for the purpose of demonstrating the features and benefits of dynamic storage systems, a review of core products, new developments and highlight typical applications.

For further details of products or to arrange attendance at an open day contact Interroll.
Dynamic Storage: Brian Urban Tel: 01536 748565