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Clipper Logistics makes space with DMF Projects

17 January 2013

Clipper Logistics has teamed up with DMF Projects to create almost half a million square feet of additional warehousing space at its recently opened distribution centre at Wynard Park, near Billingham in the Tees Valley. The distribution centre has been developed to house a hanging garment operation for a leading retailer that will initially handle over 2 million items per week, as well as creating additional space for new third-party logistics contracts.

DMF supplied a 3 tier mezzanine solution that forms an integral part of the materials handling solution and provides storage for approximately 1 million garments per floor.

DMF Projects provided a complete design and build solution including the supply and installation of the floors and staircases, as well as working closely with Clipper Logistics to develop the necessary fire strategy. The mezzanine structure covers a floor area of 125 metres by 121.5 metres within the facility with each of the three levels providing a total decked area of approximately 14,600 sq m, creating an overall storage and processing area equivalent to 11 football pitches.

The installation has been developed to support future changes to operational requirements and enable the upgrade of the installed materials handling system. As a result, the facilities initial volume can be increased to over three million items per week over the coming years.

DMF Projects worked in partnership with the main contractor, along with other key suppliers, to effectively plan the construction process to meet the strict deadlines of Clipper Logistics and its customer. As a result, the mezzanine floor installation was completed in just 20 weeks, two weeks ahead of schedule.

Phil Houghton, Business Implementation Manager at Clipper Logistics commented: "We needed a distribution centre that could handle garment volumes that are expected to grow exponentially over the next few years, whilst providing added space for other new business growth. The effectiveness of the solution has meant our retail customer has the infrastructure in place for its current and future requirements, enabling them to postpone a major, planned capital development.

By working in partnership with leading specialists such as DMF Projects we have been able to maximise capacity and meet our precise operational requirements.”

Derek Scott, Sales Director of DMF Projects said: "Using our thorough understanding of the operational and commercial requirements of the apparel industry, we have delivered a highly-efficient solution that will enhance the work methods within the distribution centre. We worked closely with Clipper Logistics and its key suppliers to meet their precise space requirements now and in the future.”

The distribution centre has been developed on a 22-acre site with a warehouse footprint of 32,000 sq m. The facility includes 43,000 metres of running rails for clothes to flow around the building along, with storage capacity for almost four million hanging items.