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Weighing plays vital role

21 January 2013

A LiftWeigh forklift weighing system supplied to Linde Material Handling by Weightron Bilanciai is playing a small, yet important, role for EBC Brakes.

With a worldwide workforce of over 400 people, EBC (part of the Freeman Group) manufactures the world's largest range of brake components.

All manufactured items are weighed during the packaging process before being loaded for delivery. This ensures that no individual pallets are 'over' or 'under' weight and that collection vehicles are not overloaded.

The Liftweigh weighing system has a working capacity of 250kg with 1kg resolution and is fitted to EBC's new 'E' series Linde counterbalance truck. A Weightron Bilanciai EV22 weight indicator mounted in the cab displays and records the weight.

LiftWeigh has been specifically developed to meet all essential criteria for retrofit forklift truck weighing systems.

The robust LiftWeigh system consists of two weigh assemblies, which fit side by side directly on standard forklift carriages รข€" without the need for any mechanical alterations to the forklift itself whatsoever. The forks hook onto the weighing units and cable assemblies are connected via a junction box to the onboard weight indicator. Liftweigh provides far better performance than systems based around the forklift's hydraulics, says the company, and unlike these systems can be easily transferred from one forklift to another. The system has high resistance to shock and side loads as independently verified by an external international test house.

EBC also have three Weightron T100 Pallet Truck Weighers within the packing area that are used for initial weight checks.

EBC's Simon O'Brien says: "Weighing plays a vital role in our warehousing processes and having the ability to weigh pallets directly from the forklift has important operational and safety advantages." Linde's area sales manager David Adams adds: "LiftWeigh is the simplest, yet most effective, retrofit forklift weighing system we have seen. Fitting is extremely straightforward and the system offers robust accuracy and performance."