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EXDS to launch two new volumetric devices at the IMHX show

25 January 2013

EXDS will show the CubiScan 125 volumetric data capture device used for measuring components and boxed goods alongside the Apache portal pallet dimensioning system from AKL tec for the first time in the UK at IMHX.

CubiScan 125

The CubiScan 125 is a small static cubing system that uses a combination of sensing technologies to measure and weigh irregular-shaped parts and components as well as boxed and case-pack items. Small parts and non-cuboidal items are measured with great precision using infrared sensing technology, while larger boxes and cases are measured with ultrasonic sensors.  

The CubiScan 125 automates the collection of dimensional data for slotting, storage-space selection, carton selection, repacking, check-weighing and shipment manifesting in medical, pharmaceutical, apparel, hardware, and most all types of consumer goods distribution. It has an integrated control panel/display and outputs to a user-supplied PC.

Capacity for boxes/cases is 61  x 76  x 91 cm with a resolution of 2 mm; irregular items are at 45 x 45 x 30 cm with a resolution of 1 mm. The 125 also includes an integrated, high-accuracy 25 kg (max) scale which has accuracy to 2g.  

The CubiScan 125 combines powerful sensing technologies to create a flexible and economical solution for today’s most demanding cubing and weighing applications

Apache Portal Pallet Dimensioner

The Apache Portal moveable system is a dimension-scanning device that can work in conjunction with a heavy capacity floor scale. Its construction means that it is possible to move the device from one area within a facility to another without any engineering work needing to be undertaken.  

The Apache system utilises two Infrared scanners that are driven on two linear guides over the freight / products to be measured. Over the run, the heads perform gapless scanning. It is designed to accommodate freight or products of any shape or size within the measurement range of 2.5 m x 2.5 m x 2.5 m (Larger, customised versions of the system are possible)  

Included with the solution is an intuitive, configurable and customisable software interface that  allows for import and export of data as required.

The solution also includes a camera for actual image capture to help in freight and product identification

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