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Ecolab replaces in-house warehouses with 3PL contract

06 February 2013

Norbert Dentressangle has been awarded a major chemicals warehousing contract with Ecolab, which offers a wide range of medical and industrial cleaning and sanitation products.

The centralised operation replaces a number of smaller, in-house warehousing operations.

Under the contract, Norbert Dentressangle’s TOP Tier COMAH Euroterminal site at Trafford Park in Manchester will act as a national hub for the storage of Ecloab products numbering up to 12,000 pallets and the distribution of Ecolab’s products to customers throughout the UK.

Norbert Dentressangle is responsible for the receipt of around 1,900 pallets per week, both from Ecolab’s UK manufacturing facility in Cheadle Hulme and from the company’s European distribution centre in Genk in Belgium and the picking and despatch of up to 1,600 deliveries each week.

Norbert Dentressangle’s already provides Ecolab’s UK distribution of bulk and packaged chemicals and the cleaning and reconditioning of IBCs.

To accommodate this major new contract and meet increased demand for high quality hazardous goods warehousing, Norbert Dentressangle has made a multi-million pound investment to to extend and upgrade the Euroterminal site, including a new MHRA licensed area for the storage of up to 6,000 pallets of medical and pharmaceutical products.

Lean and agile supply chain

Joachim Giesler, Ecolab’s Director, Warehousing EMEA said: "This is a natural extension of our existing relationship with Norbert Dentressangle, who have been a valuable partner to Ecolab for many years. Their understanding of our business, their willingness to invest to support us and their ability to help us consolidate our warehousing operations, in an extremely modern environment, in the right place, at the right price, were all factors in our decision to award the new contract. All of these things underpin a lean and agile supply chain which ensures that we can continue to deliver a cost-effective, reliable service to our customers.”