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HC Forklifts UK to provide comprehensive range

04 March 2013

HC Forklifts UK has announced details of the products it will offer to the UK market from Chinese manufacturer Hangcha.

HC Forklifts UK is owned by South African industrial group Eqstra and was recently created to distribute Hangcha forklifts in the UK. Eqstra also owns Impact Handing. Hangcha forklifts were previously distributed in the UK by Samuk.

HC Forklifts will approach the market through a network of independent dealers and will operate separately from Impact Handling.

The current range includes 1-25 tonne diesel forklifts, 1-7tn LPG forklifts and 1-5tn 4 wheel electric trucks. In addition, a reach truck that extends to 8.5m and lifts loads between 1.2-2 tonnes, a two tonne premium pallet truck and a tow tractor are available.

A variety of engines from Yanmar, Nissan, Perkins and Cummins are used in the trucks, which also feature Curtis controllers on many products.

Products that are coming soon include pallet trucks and stackers with sleeker designs, access platforms, a 3-6 tonne sideloader, as well as 20-25 tonne trucks, a VNA man-up truck, and a reach stacker.

HC Forklifts has a stock of some 50 units available and will hold a demo fleet of 30 models. Parts will be stocked in Corby and warranty and training support provided by HC Forklifts. 

Nigel Martin, business development manager for HC Forklifts explains: "We will provide technical support and training and two staff will travel to China to learn about the equipment from the manufacturer in order to better support the dealer network.”